Warming Lubricant

This lubricant hides a hot and exhilarating secret. When you apply it to your skin, you'll begin to feel a highly pleasurable warming sensation. Blow gently once applied if you want to intensify the pleasure. Raise the temperature!

There are a thousand different types of lube, but that's what we're here for — to clear up any doubts you may have. We want you to be able to choose the one that best suits your needs. You're here because you need some, or at least you think you might need some. Well, you’ve come to the right place! A good lubricant will enhance your sex life — adding comfort and pleasure. It's also an indispensable ingredient to get the best out of your sex toys. Neutral lubricants are perfect for when you want a natural feel without any added extras. However, there are certain types of lube that are real aphrodisiacs in their own right. Have you heard of warming lube? Well, pay attention.

Warming lube — a unique sexual experience

The summer heat makes us want to take our clothes off and unsurprisingly, it's the season when we have the most sex. So, why not enjoy that warm feeling all year round? Raise the temperature in one stroke with a warming effect lubricant. Spread it out slowly and blow gently on the area to enhance its effect. Can you feel it? From now on, it’ll be a lot harder to stop yourself from screaming with pleasure! Applying the lube to each other's bodies is a great way to start foreplay — especially if it has a warming effect. Apply a little and massage gently. You'll quickly notice a pleasing sensation that'll intensify all the caresses. It’ll be like nothing you've ever tried before. Guaranteed.

The best warming lube — choose the one that best suits you.

  • Satisfyer Men Warming Lubricant

    This lube will change the way you enjoy sex. From the very first caresses to the explosive orgasms, the feelings of pleasure will be incredible. Be careful — you might get hooked! This water-based lubricant is ideal to use with your lover. You can also use it to maximise the pleasure and comfort you get from your sex toys, without fear of damaging them in any way. There's absolutely no need to worry about using it with condoms either. Latex is entirely suitable to use with water-based lube. The glide will be perfect and long-lasting —intensifying the feeling of contact and the stimulating your senses. Oil and grease-free, Satisfyer Men Warming cares for and moisturizes your skin, increasing the pleasure during penetration and enhancing your orgasms.

  • Durex Play Warming

    Heat up the atmosphere with Durex Play Warming lube. Besides tackling dryness and making sex much more pleasant, Play Warming also contains a special ingredient that heats up on contact with your skin, providing a pleasurable and exciting feeling of warmth. Suitable for anal, oral and vaginal sex, It's ideal to use with a partner and with your sex toys. It's water-based solution cares for and moisturises your skin and makes it's ideal for use with latex condoms. Very few things give so much for such low cost, don't you think?

  • Durex Play Real Feel

    ¿Are you looking for a natural feeling of smoothness and an enhanced feeling of contact with your partner? Durex Play Real Feel is a silky-smooth lubricant with a warming effect on contact. Its formula doesn't dry out easily and just a small amount is enough to unleash the passion under the sheets (or on top of them — your choice!). Suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex, it can be used with any latex condom and will not damage it.

Types of warming lubricant

Warming lubricant can be water-based or silicone-based. Due to the great demand, different brands have incorporated both types into their collection in equal measure. In any case, it's recommended to always use lubricant from recognized companies that have been thoroughly tested. Another tip: The lube should be applied after you put on the condom. Durex branded lube is suitable for anal, oral and vaginal sex, and doesn't stain your sheets or leave any residue.

Warming gels and lube — our opinions at EroticFeel

If you're interested in our humble opinion — heating effect gels and lubricant are a great invention. As we don't like to get stuck in a routine, we recommend not always using the same one. That is unless you've already found one that takes you to paradise! If that's the case — please, don't change anything! What for?

According to all the reviews, warming lubricant is more stimulating for her then for him. Women tend to experience the most tingling and arousal from it. We can't tell you which one is best — it's up to you to try and experiment until you find yours. But we promise you one thing: you'll have a whole lot of fun finding it.


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