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Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone Anal Beads Black

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If you were looking for a set of anal beads, now you can find it at Satisfyer, because the popular brand of sex toys has decided to enter this wonderful world. On this case, we present you the Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone anal beads in black, two perfect structures for an anal training. You can add them to your games for couples or enjoy them alone, you choose.

We have already told you that each box has two structures. Well, each of them measures 20.5 cm and has five balls. The difference between them is the texture they offer: on one structure, the balls are spherical while on the other chain they are diamond-shaped (but in both Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone the balls have rounded tips).

The diameter is increasing and the measurements are the following:

  • On the spherical chain, the smallest ball has a diameter of 2 cm while the biggest one has a diameter of 3.4 cm.
  • For the diamond-shaped chain, the smallest element has a diameter of 2.1 cm while the biggest one has a diameter of 3.7 cm.

This means that they have been designed to get slowly bigger. Introduce them gradually and enjoy while pulling them out, bead by bead. For that purpose, they have a support ring.

When to use the spherical structure and when to use the diamond-shaped chain on the Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone anal beads in black?

The Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone in black are perfect for beginners and for anal training. If you are starting with this type of stimulation, we suggest you use the structure with the spheres. However, the diamond-shaped one offers a more intense pleasure, thought for more experienced games.

Remember the importance of lube when using anal beads. Each time you use them, you should apply an anal lube before. Moreover, with the right product, the insertion should be painless. For that, the best option is a water-based lubricant, avoiding the silicone-based ones.

Thanks to the ultra flexible material, an extremely soft and silky skin-friendly silicone, this toy will be easy to clean. Use a bit of soap and warm water. Besides, the Satisfyer Soft Silicone anal beads are totally waterproof, so you can use them on the shower or on the bath, making your anal stimulation even funnier.