Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone

Satisfyer Beads Silicone Soft Black Anal Beads

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If you're looking for an anal bead set, you should know that the popular sexual wellness brand Satisfyer has recently launched its own elegant designs. We'd like to introduce you to these black Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone anal beads — two structures for perfect anal training. You can incorporate them into your couple play or enjoy them alone — you decide.

As mentioned above, each box contains two structures. Well, they're each 20.5 cm (8") long and feature five beads. The difference between one and the other lies in their form: On one of them, the beads are spherical in shape, while on the other they are diamond-shaped (although the Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone bead heads are rounded on both).

The beads get bigger as you go further up the structure and have the following measurements:

  • On the structure with spherical balls, the smallest sphere has a diameter of 2 cm and the largest sphere has a diameter of 3.4 cm.
  • As for the diamond shaped beads, the smallest measures 2.1cm in diameter and the largest 3.7 cm.

So, it's specifically designed for progressive stimulation. Insert them gradually and feel the pleasure when there are slowly removed as well. They also have a holding ring for this purpose.

When it comes to using your black Satisfyer Beads Silicone, when should you opt for the one with spheres and when should you go for the one with diamonds?

These black Satisfyer Beads Soft Silicone are perfect for beginners as well as your anal training. If you are just starting out with this type of stimulation, we recommend using the sphere-shaped structure. Although the diamond-shaped one delivers more intense pleasure, it should be used once you've gained more experience.

Remember the importance of using lubricant with your anal beads. Every time you use them, you should apply an anal lubricant first. What's more, with the right product — insertion will be painless. For this, the best choice is a water-based lubricant — avoid silicone-based ones.

Thanks to its ultra-flexible, soft and silky-smooth hypoallergenic silicone this toy is not only comfortable to use, but incredibly easy to clean too. Just use soap and warm water. Plus, Satisfyer's Soft Silicone Anal Beads are 100% waterproof, so you can use them in the bath or shower — to make anal stimulation even more pleasurable.

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