Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators have become, little by little, an icon of female masturbation. Their design, that may remind you of the ears of a rabbit, is not coincidental. It has two parts: one to be introduced in the vagina and to stimulate the G-spot; the second, commonly known as rabbit, is strategically designed to stimulate the clitoris. Moreover, at EroticFeel you will find different models of rabbit: with vibration, suction, with one end or two, etc. There are many tastes and we want all women to find their perfect vibrator. So, if you are looking for a rabbit vibrator, come and see our online catalogue of rabbit vibrators. Find what you are looking for!

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Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit
Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit
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Satisfyer Vibes Mr. Rabbit
Satisfyer Vibes Mr. Rabbit
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Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny
Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny
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Rabbit vibrators

The rabbit vibrator was invented in Japan, where its modest legislators banned the creation of sex toys that explicitly recreated the genitalia. However, it wasn’t until its special apparition on the famous ‘Sex and the City’ when its popularity was boosted, making it a bestseller. Probably, the scene where the prudish Charlotte became an addict to the rabbit vibrator made it the most sold sex toy of all times.

There’s nothing like knowing our body to enjoy it. Nature has blessed us with the only member that gives us pleasure and it would be such a waste to not use it properly.

The rabbit unites all the vibrators that penetrate and stimulate the clitoris at the same time. All in one. Are you thinking about buying a rabbit vibrator? Consult now our online catalogue of rabbit vibrators and find the one you are looking for.

What is the difference between a normal vibrator and a rabbit vibrator?

First of all, it’s clear that all vibrators are designed to give pleasure, although they choose different ways. The offer is very wide, almost overwhelming, so it is important to know what you are looking for at all times and to have very clear concepts. There are vibrators that can be more or less realistic, that only penetrate or have other options, with different shapes, textures and colours.

The main difference between a normal vibrator and a rabbit one is the double or even triple stimulation, depending on how you want to see it. Let’s see it. The rabbit vibrator has two parts, one to be introduced in the vagina and the other to excite your clitoris. This way, its sinuous forms will adapt perfectly to your body, penetrating you and activating your clitoris at the same time.

Most studies show that more than half of the female population reach the orgasm by only stimulating the clitoris. But if you need one more argument, in most of the rabbit vibrators, their shape and intense vibration successfully stimulate your G-spot. You will be speechless.

Advantages of the rabbit vibrators

We list below all the advantages of the rabbit vibrators:

  • Double pleasure with vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time.
  • Stimulation of the G-spot, the magic point of the vagina with a greater sensitivity to reach the orgasm.
  • Different intensities to obtain the movements and the vibration you need.

Types of rabbit vibrators

At the online sex shop of EroticFeel you can find different kinds of rabbit vibrators. More powerful and largest like the Satisfyer Vibes Mr. Rabbit. This one, in particular, has a retaining ring where the control panel is located, so you can control its 12 vibration settings with six intensities and six rhythms for a perfect arousal.

If you are looking for a powerful and funny design, maybe the Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny is the one you need. Introduce the biggest shaft in the vagina while the little rabbit activates your clitoris. Two motors and 12 settings to fully enjoy. And don't worry, it has a whisper mode.

Also from Satisfyer it’s the Pro G-Spot Rabbit. Have you ever heard about its clitoral sucker? Its rabbit vibrator offers you a new experience. Vaginal penetration and clitoral suction through pressure waves. The round silicone attachment encircles your clitoris without touching it, with a sensation similar to that of oral stimulation. Besides, it is waterproof. Do you want to try it on your bath?

How to use the rabbit vibrator

Easy and simple. All the models have buttons to control the vibration and an ergonomic design that perfectly adapts to the female body.

We advise you to use it with a water-based lube for a more pleasant experience. We recommend that you introduce the vibrator on the vagina before you switch on the device. Place it correctly over the clitoris. The orgasm is guaranteed.

Maintenance and use of the rabbit vibrator

All the vibrators sold at EroticFeel are made with the highest quality materials, tested and guaranteed by thousands of users. Regarding its cleaning process, you should wash it with warm water and mild soap.

What are you waiting for to enjoy your rabbit? It will become your new favourite pet.