Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1

Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 Clitoral Stimulator

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Do not be fooled by appearances. The Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 clitoral stimulator is an incredibly versatile toy that, little by little, will sneak into your room.

Its shape is not casual. The design of the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 is conceived so that it can be used in more than 14 ways. Yes, you have read correctly. You have more than 14 use options to enjoy. Nipples, clitoris or lips. G-spot, male perineum or glans. Individually or during penetration. The possibilities are endless. If we add the possibility of using it in a bathtub or in the shower, since this vibrator for couples is waterproof, the possibilities of use will multiply exponentially.

The secret of the Partner Multifun 1 is in its shape, but also in its interior: it contains three powerful motors, one for the upper part and two for each of the ends of the vibrator. These three motors creates a continuous stimulation, transferring its power to the entire vibrator as a whole.

Of course, do not think that by having three motors this playmate is going to be rigid. On the contrary! Its rounded shape makes it adapt flexibly to any area of the body, but without losing its firmness at any time. Its surface, based on medical silicone, is velvety, with a great capacity for sliding. In addition, the lower part has a grooved part, to obtain more excitement.

If you want to share moments of even more intense pleasure, we recommend the use of a water-based lube. This will protect the material, while the touch remains silky. And, to clean it, use water and a mild soap.

How to use the Satisfyer Partner Multifun 1 clitoral stimulator?

You have seen that this toy has two buttons, but we have also told you that it has three motos. How is it possible, then, to use this toy?:

  • One of the buttons has two small marks: this button corresponds to the vibrations of the two ends of the Multifun. To activate it, you must press this button for 2 or 3 seconds. From now on, a quick touch on said button will change each of the vibration modes. It has 10 in total.
  • The second button contains a single mark. This button is related to the motor located in the widest part of the vibrator. As with the other button, press it between 2 and 3 seconds to activate it, and alternate between the 10 possible vibration modes by clicking on each button quickly.

Wait, you've already noticed, haven’t you? Yes, you have 100 possible combinations of vibration since you can choose that the motors work independently, or that they work at the same time, thus enjoying an absolutely powerful and genuine triple stimulation.