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Satisfyer Endless Love Vibrator for Couples

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Don’t be fooled by its appearance. The Satisfyer Endless Love vibrator for couples is an incredibly versatile toy that will soon find its way into your bedroom.

Its shape is no accident. The Satisfyer Endless Love is designed so that it can be used in more than 14 ways. Yes, you read that correctly. You'll more than 14 different options to enjoy. Nipples, clitoris or lips. G-spot, male perineum or glans. Individually or during penetration. It provides a whole new world of possibilities. This couples' vibrator is also waterproof, so you can add the option of using it in the bath or shower. Welcome to a new dimension of pleasure possiblities!

The secret of the Endless Love doesn't only reside in its shape, but also in its technology: it contains three powerful motors, one for the top part and two for each end of the vibrator. These three motors provide continuous stimulation, transferring their power to the vibrator as a whole.

But don't think that just because it has three motors, this playmate is rigid. Quite the contrary! Its rounded shape means that it adapts easily to any area of your body — without losing its firmness at any time. It's finished with silky-soft, medical-grade silicone that glides smoothly along your skin. In addition, the section at the bottom has a grooved part that delivers more exciting stimulation.

If you want to share moments of even more intense pleasure, we recommend that you use a water-based lubricant. This will also ensure that the material stay in tip-top condition and silky-smooth to the touch. And to clean it, just use water and neutral soap.

How do you use the Satisfyer Endless Love vibrator for couples?

As you may have noticed, this toy has two buttons — but it's also got three motors. So, how on earth does one use this device?

  • It's actually very simple. One of these buttons has two small indentations: this button controls the vibrations at both ends of the Endless Love. To activate them, just long-press this button for 2 to 3 seconds. From here on, a quick tap on the button will change each of the vibration modes. In total, there are 10 of them.
  • The second button has just one indentation. Indeed, this button is used to control the motor located at the widest point of the vibrator. Like with the other button, press it for 2 to 3 seconds to activate the motor and toggle through the 10 different vibration modes with a quick tap.

Wait, you've noticed, haven't you? Yes, you have 100 possible vibration combinations! Control the motors separately for targeted stimulation or all of them at the same time for triple the pleasure! All you have to do is choose the colour: blue, turquoise or violet.

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