You’re looking at the leading brand in the male masturbator market. Reusable or disposable? Vibrating or with a suction effect? Smooth or rough texture? Tenga offers you a wide variety of products exclusively designed for your own personal pleasure. From their famous Tenga Eggs to the Tenga Spinner and everything else in-between—all made to satisfy your most carnal desires. Whatever your preferences, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect product for you. We invite you to explore and enjoy. You’re not going to miss this opportunity, are you?

What came first—the chicken or the egg? The eternal dilema. But we do know one thing—when it comes to fantastic masturbator eggs, Tenga definitely came first. We imagine you’re here because you’ve already heard of them, and if you haven’t—read on. We’ll tell you all about the Tenga Eggs and the rest of the brilliant products designed by this prestigious Japanese company. As a man cannot just live off masturbator eggs , Tenga makes a wide variety of sex toys that you can find in our online sex shop!

Tenga was created in 2005 by Koichi Matsumoto. Now, he may sound like a character from a Tarantino film, but in actual fact, he’s a talented and creative entrepreneur who spent his childhood drawing and dismantling objects. “My highest grades were always in art and technology”, he declared in an interview. As a young man, he studied mechanics and started his working life tuning luxury vehicles and reassembling old cars. Despite being the dream job of many a young car enthusiast, it was so badly paid that the young Matsumoto often had to resort to sleeping in his own car or even the factory floor. That’s when he changed jobs and started selling second-hand cars. Very quickly, he became the best salesman at the company. “The salary, commission bonuses, other perks of being a top salesman were great and my life was starting to stabilize, but I couldn’t shake this strange feeling within me. Selling cars was fine, but I never lost the taste for creating”. The problem was that he didn’t know where he could apply his creativity.

So he decided to research the Japanese market with the idea of starting up his own company. He spent his free time investigating different products and soon discovered that the sex toys available on the market made him feel very uncomfortable. “The products didn’t have a barcode, nor any company name, website or contact details—anything that would make the manufacturers liable. They were overtly obscene and it was embarrassing even looking at them”, he asserts. But he was certain about one thing—men masturbate and it’s not healthy to repress your sexual appetite. Indeed, why should we feel unsure about the products designed to satisfy this need? So that was enough to convince Koichi of the improvements that could be made and the chance to create something truly revolutionary.

Determined to make extraordinary products that would satisfy the desires of countless numbers of men, he worked day and night—sacrificing all of his savings in the process. Pleasure became his obsession and he bet it all in search of the most perfect range of masturbators. After years of protypes and pushing himself to the financial limit—his opportunity finally arrived. His new company launched the 5 Original Tenga Cups (Vacuum Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Double Hole Cup y Air Cushion Cup). In their first year they manage to sell more than a million units. Yes, you’ve read that correctly—more than a million Tenga Cups in just one year! Quite a feat, we’re sure you’ll agree!

With the surge in sales came the offers from distributors. Companies from 24 different countries got in contact with Tenga about selling their products. In the following years, the company that makes the best male masturbators launched 20 different models and 6 products lines—situating itself at the cutting-edge of male pleasure technology. Cutting-edge design, maximum pleasure.

Tenga—world leader in male masturbation products

Today Tenga is the undisputed world leader in the development of male masturbation products and, although all of their products have been very well received by consumers, it was their famous Tenga Eggs that catapulted Tenga to international stardom. And it’s no wonder. A toy with a surprise inside. Different colours, textures, shapes and levels of stiffness—so that you can choose according to your own preferences. A Kinder egg for adults. An unbeatable combination of high functionality, real originality and top design.

If you delve into the details, you’ll discover that Tenga is much more than just a company—it conveys a lifestyle, a way of relating to yourself and to others. The sex industry or ‘fūzoku’, which iterally means 'public morals', moves a huge amount of money in Japan. With their strong morals and great respect for traditional culture, the Japanese view of sex is not always easy to understand from a Western point of view. Their traditional religion, Shinto, does not teach that sex is sinful, unlike the Judeo-Christian tradition. It was the arrival of the Americans in World War II that triggered laws intended to regulate public morals. To give two striking examples, under current Japanese law, prostitution is illegal—although it is only considered prostitution if it includes penetration. What’s more, sex toys should not explicitly reproduce the shape of the genitals. As you can imagine, this has triggered the imagination of the industry, which has devised all sorts of things in order to stay within the law.

Another significant fact is that, according to a study carried out by Durex a few years ago, levels of sexual satisfaction among the Japanese population were only at 15% and that only 34% of those surveyed claimed to have sex on a weekly basis. By contrast, in the UK, satisfaction figures stood at 40% and 72% of those surveyed said that they made love every week.

Maybe this data explains the need for Tenga products, and also their design. All the brand's erotic toys are so discreet that it’s often difficult to relate them to any kind of sexual activity. Tenga avoid anything that could be considered lewd or obscene, and opt for objects with modern and soft lines that can be casually left on the bedside table or in the office drawer.

Tenga products for male pleasure:

We’d like to tell you a little bit about the magnificent range of adult pleasure toys that Tenga has available. Each of these series of products adapts perfectly to a specific need and taste as far as masturbation is concerned.

Tenga Serie Cup

Simplicy has always been at the heart of the Tenga philosophy and this is no more evident than in the first products that the company launched to the market—the five original Tenga CupIdeal for newcomers to the world of sex toys, they’re disposable, only used once, and they have different functions. The Original Vacuum Cup —also known as ‘Deep Throat’ is the company’s most classic masturbator. However, this by no means makes it obsolete.

It has a special insertion mechanism and its texture is based around an infinite number of knots and waves. Like all the Original Cups apart from the Double, which has two uses, the Tenga Vacuum Cup has a polyurethane pad that retains and distributes the lubricant when the penis is inserted. This means that no matter how much you try to extend its life by using a condom or pulling out before cumming, the lubricant will already have spread through the toy—degrading the material for subsequent uses. So don’t make things complicated—open the lid, insert your penis, and enjoy!

The Soft Tube Cup regulate the pressure once you’ve started. It’s shaped like a hair gel container and it allows you to squeeze, release, massage or caress as you please. Are you looking for 360 degree sensations? Well, we’ve got something for you. It’s the Rolling Head Cup. What makes this Cup different to the rest is its flexible body. This flexiblity allows for stimulation in a range of positions. Move it foward, back, to the side, twist it. Sounds good, right?

As we’ve already mentioned, the Double Hole Cup is the only one of the original five Cups that you can use in two completely different ways. Why is that? Because it has two distinct holes that provide completely different sensations. Do you feel like something sweet or something sour? Well, twist the masturbator and choose. Finally, how about the Air Cushion Cup, the world's first masturbator with an air-cushion design and 24 internal chambers

It’s also worth mentioning that Tenga, who consider men of all shapes and sizes, has launched an Ultra Size range of Originals Cups. The same toys—but bigger, and with a stronger suction effect for even wilder moments of pleasure.

Tenga are committed to promoting sexual health and the rights of people to live freely and openly without shame or prejudice whatever their sexual orientation may be. To demonstrate this, they have launched a special cup for the last three Gay Pride events. Because Tenga wants to make masturbation better—but not exclusively for the few. That’s why a portion of the revenue made from sales of these colourful pieces is donated to organisations for sexual minorities.

Tenga Egg

Now, let’s return to the popular masturbator eggs to explain to you why they have brought such delight to the male population and the unique features of each of the Tenga Eggs that the brand has available for you. In addition to the collaborations and special editions, you can choose from many different types of Tenga Eggs. The brand has two different series available: the regular—with standard stimulation (Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper y Silky); and the strong series (Thunder, Crater, Misty, Cloudy, Shiny y Surfer)—six eggs dedicated to lovers of strong sensations. You’ll enjoy a smoother, silkier and more effortless moments of pleasure with the six regular eggs. On the other hand, the eggs in the Strong series provide you with a tighter grip, more friction and more intensity. What’s more, each egg is available in different colours and shapes. Would you like to know a secret? Take a good look at the illustrated shapes on the outside of the shell, because they’re the same ones you’ll feel on your penis once you’ve broken it open.

The Japanese brand's star product has certain special features that are common to all its models. Are you not sure it’ll adapt to your penis? Let us put your doubts to rest—it definitely will! All Tenga Eggs are made of elastomer—an extremely flexible material that adapts to any size with a soft and wet feel. The eggs are just for one use and they contain an individual sachet of lubricant—so everything you need is inside.

It’s as small as a real egg, so you can take it with you anywhere you go. First, remove the wrapper and open the egg; second, take out the lubricant and pour its contents inside and around the opening; Finally, all you have to do is place your penis the in the opening and slide up and down. Easy, right? Well, we assure you that it’s also a lot of fun!

If you like your first experience—try the whole range. There are narrower, varieties with wave-like ribs like the Tenga Egg Wavy, there are those with cushiony-soft textures; those with intertwining delicate ribs like the Tenga Egg Silky; and even those that provide your penis with a fresh, cooling sensation like the Tenga Egg Cool. What is the best Tenga masturbator egg? Well, that all depends exclusively on your tastes. You’ll have to try them all to find out! If you’re wondering where to buy Tenga Eggs—we can certainly give you a hand. You’ll find them all in the EroticFeel sex shop. Each and every one of them! Tenga eggs cost no more than six euros.

By the way, if you’re going to a party and you’re looking for a gift idea, maybe we can help. What about a box full of male masturbators? Tenga sells a pack of six Tenga Eggs—the problem is that when it arrives, you may prefer to keep it for yourself and you’ll have to look for another gift!

Tenga Air-Tech

Are you looking for sensations that only Tenga can give you, and you’d also like your favourite sex toy to last longer? The male masturbator Air-Tech is for you. The novel Air Flow system, which is what makes this collection of masturbators extra special, allows the air to escape when you insert your penis. This creates a vacuum effect that provides the kind of stimulation that will quite simply take you to another galaxy of pleasure. What’s more, it’s ergonomic shape fits snugly into your hand and allows for a firm grip. Air-Tech products provide you with a range of different intensities and levels of firmness—choose the best one(s) for you!

If you’d like to adjust the pressure or tightness of your favourite sex toy, perhaps the Air-Tech Twist is the one for you. You can twist it up to five times, and each turn adds the satisfying feeling of extra tightness around your penis. You’ll have 5 toys in 1!

Do you want to know the best thing about the Air-Tech range? All its masturbators are reusable—you can enjoy them up to 70 times! Yes, you’ve read that correctly. The only maintenance you need is good hygiene. Wash it after every use with warm water and neutral soap, leave it to dry and put it away for the next time. We assure you that is one of the very best masturbadores masculinos you’ll ever try.

It’s incredibly easy to use. First, remove the wrapping that protects the polyethylene casing and pull off the covering cap at the base to open the masturbator. The Air-Tech comes lubricated, so there’s no need to apply more. The second time you use it, simply apply lubricant in and around the hole at the base. Finally, before inserting your penis, make sure that you remove the sticker that covers the hole at the top.

Do you want to feel a stronger suction effect? You just need to cover and uncover this hole depending on the amount of suction you want to feel. Would you like this work done for you? If so, opt for the Tenga Air-Tech VC. This particular model is compatible with the electronic suction device Vacuum Controller. Place it on your masturbator and simply enjoy.

Tenga Flip

What is the Tenga Flip? A male masturbator with an exclusive flip-open design that makes masturbation with a sex toy easier than ever. As is the case for each of their male masturbator product lines, the Japanese firm has designed more than one for each kind of man. Perhaps the most famous is the Tenga Flip Hole. Open it with its sliding side arms and regulate the pressure with three different buttons. Choose the part of your penis that you want to stimulate at any time—the base, the shaft or the head. Tenga has also created the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration for your enjoyment. It tightens, adjusts and vibrates—need we say anything more? This new model, like its predecessors, folds and unfolds to make lubricating and cleaning it a piece of cake. Don’t forget that all of the Tenga Flip masturbators are reusable. When you’ve finished, clean it with warm water and neutral soap, leave it to dry—and it’ll always be ready for action.

Within the Tenga Flip range, you can also find the Tenga Hole, the Flip Zero and the Flip Orb. And did you know that the Flip Zero also vibrates? You thought that vibrators for men didn’t exist, right? There’s nothing that Tenga hasn’t thought of. Something else to keep in mind: if you love harder textures, always choose the black coloured ones. These are specially designed for the roughest solo play.

Tenga Spinner

Do you love the feel of Tenga Eggs but you’d like a toy that you can use over and over again? We have the perfect toy for you— the Tenga Spinner. Shall we tell you why? First of all, because it’s a reusable masturbator that’s really easy to clean with warm water and neutral soap. But most importantly, its innovative design allows you to spin it round as well as move it up and down. What’s more, it’s available in a wide variety of different textures that’ll provide you with the most amazing sensations. As always, Tenga has created different versions of this product. There are 3 different Spinners to choose from—all with unique features. They have different widths, shapes and they provide varying levels of firmness.

The Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra has tiles with mild edges on the inside for the most silky-smooth moments of masturbatory pleasure. Made of elastomer, it adapts to any penis type—reaching an insertion depth of 17 centimetres and a width of 5 cm. This is the model that gives you the most room for manoeuvre.

The stable-mate of the Spinner 01 is the Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa. It has an incredible internal spiral design that’ll turn when your penis is inside. With its reduced diameter making for increased tightness and the inside being made up of pointy hexaganol plates, it adds an extra dimension of roughness to your moments of solo-play fun.

Do you want the spiral effect but with an even more rigid texture? Well, Tenga has just what you’re looking for, and it’s called Tenga Spinner 03 Shell. The inside of this masturbator has a series of rigid semi-circles and is the tightest fit in the whole collection—ensuring strong and powerful stimulation every time.

Tenga Lubricants

To make the experience as pleasurable as possible, generously apply lubricant to each of your Tenga masturbators before each use. Tenga gives you a free pouch of lubricant with every new product. The Masturbator Eggs and the Original Tenga Cups are for one use only, so the lubricant that is included will be enough. Reusable sex toys are a different story, so we’d like to give you some important tips.

Tenga lubricants are hydrosoluble, which means they’re water-based and they’re specially made for the brand’s masturbators. Tenga’s high quality lube won’t damage your sex toys and it’ll keep the surface nice and smooth. What’s more, it’ll make penetration easy by reducing friction and helping your penis slide in and out of the toy. But keep in mind, that you shouldn’t use this particular lube for sex with your partner and it isn’t edible.

If you’re looking for the most realistic experience possible, then look no further than Tenga Real lotion. The outstanding feature of this lube is that it creates a potent warming sensation when you use it, emulating the feeling of sex with another person.

For more delicate sensations, choose Tenga Hole Lotion Mild. The smooth formula will gently hug your penis and make it easy to find your place in orgasmic heaven. However, if you want stronger sensations, make sure you get Tenga Hole Solid Lotion.

All Tenga lube maintains its freshness and quality with minimum care and attention. Remember to keep it at room temperature, keep it away from direct sunlight and avoid storing it in a humid environment.

Tenga Hole Warmer

Do you want to hear some good news? Tenga has created a warmer for masturbators, because you know there’s no bigger turn off than a cold hole. Insert the Hole Warmer into any of your Tenga Cups, wait for it to warm up and it’ll soon reach body temperature for a more natural and pleasurable feel. It’s reusable, really easy to use and designed so that your solo pleasure play can reach a whole new level. If you’re wondering how long it’ll take before the masturbator’s warm enough to use—that depends on how to you like it. The Vacuum Cup will reach a pleasant enough temperature within 3 or 4 minutes for most guys.

As you can see, the world of adult toys is not just for the females of the species. The market has changed and new innovations have completely changed the way many men now masturbate. Men also deserve to form part of this pleasure revolution—to quote a famous advertising slogan, “...because you’re worth it!” You owe it to yourself to find the masturbator or masturbators that will take you to another dimension of sexual bliss. The good news is that Tenga has made this easy for you by taking into account every taste, every design and every sensation. After years of trial and error, they’ve produced a range of adult sex toys for men that no other company comes close to beating. It’s no fluke that Tenga has become the king of the masturbator. Do you want tightness, suction, vibration, elasticity, friction, heat? They have it all. If you take a look at online sex shop for men you’ll quickly realise that you don’t have enough time to try all of the Tenga masturbators that you’d like.

Committed to the fight against HIV/AIDS and LGTBQ rights

“Together we can stop AIDs”—a slogan that Keith Haring made his own and shared in much of his work. Haring always understood art as kind of activism. He turned his back on elitism and ‘the art for the few’ and the pretentiousness that many of his peers were guilty of—to produce paintings that were accessible to all. The figures and shapes found in his work formed an integral part of 1980s New York street culture. They evoke the themes of childhood,sex, disease, and death. Life itself. After being diagnosed with HIV in 1988, Haring started his foundation and intensified the themes of his work. A commitment to social causes and safe sex were the two mantras he followed from then on.

After getting to know about the life and work of Haring, it’s easy to see the similarities between his ideals and those of Tenga. Just like Haring, the Japanese company believes in individual freedom and safe sex. Haring was a pioneer in that. He made his illness known at a time when it was so taboo that many familiar faces preferred to hide their condition to avoid public scrutiny.

Haring started the Keith Haring Foundation with a mission to help children in need, as well as fund and assist organisations involved in education, prevention and care related to AIDS. Although Keith died of an AIDs related illness in 1990, the foundation keeps going strong to this day.

Sex and the search for pleasure are not things that we should be ashamed of. Tenga is clear about this, and so was Haring. A healthy sexuality enriches every part of life. Tenga Keith Haring was born for that very same reason. The ideals that originally drove Matsumoto to launch his products all those years ago still lie behind Tenga’s products today—products that men all over the world can enjoy freely and safely.

The company has launched five products in collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation featuring the artist’s work—two cups and three masturbator eggs. Through these fun designs, the company aims to fulfil the dream of creating a happier and more tolerant world in which everyone can enjoy their sexuality. These colours and shapes look great on a T-shirt and any article of clothing, but now we can enjoy them on our favourite adult toys.

Part of the revenue made from the sales of these special-edition products designed by the Haring Foundation is donated to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention (JFAP).

Tenga proudly celebrates the freedom to choose who you want to love

Three years ago, Tenga became a leading light in one of the most inspirational causes and used one of their most successful products to celebrate.The Tenga Original Vacuum Cu underwent an amazing new makeover for the occasion. The company took part in World Pride day under the slogan, ‘We are proud alone. We are strong together’, showing their support for the LGBTQ community.

Part of the funds raised by sales of the colourful and striking Rainbow Pride Cup is allocated to different activities that promote the rights of sexual minorities. In 2018 Tenga donated a total of 1.2 million yen to several associations, including the NGO Nijjiro Diversity.

Nijiiro is the first organization of its kind to address discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in the workplace by fighting for change through education. "We believe that a workplace that respects human rights, diversity and individuality is beneficial to society as a whole. And so do Tenga—who support a more inclusive society for all through their creations.

It is worth mentioning that in Japan, even today, discrimination in schools and businesses on the basis of sexual identity or orientation is not illegal, nor is there any legal protection for same-sex couples. Therefore, the position adopted by Tenga is even more valuable—especially considering that the struggles of the LGTBI community in the Asian country often remain hidden.

The global reach of the company and the values it promotes, means that more and more artists from different countries are clamouring to collaborate with the brand. The latest collaboration has produced the Tenga Cup with Brosmind. Although presently only available in Japan, this cup, created by the Spanish designers Juan and Alejandro Mingarro maintains the fun and colourful aesthetic of other versions.

The two Catalan brothers, famous for caricaturing everyday objects, chose to work with Tenga because they were already familiar with the company's image and philosophy. "They don't fall into the tackiness that sometimes characterizes the adult entertainment industry," they said in an interview. “There’s always a message of optimism, fantasy and fun in our illustrations—values that we believe fit very well with Tenga”.

As you can see, Tenga has achieved what no other company in the world of erotic toys has ever done before— normalize masturbation and sexual pleasure, making it accessible to everyone. And all this has been accomplished with an elegant and colourful image and without falling into the usual clichés found in the industry.

The Japanese company never stops innovating and will undoubtedly surprise us once again with new creations designed to transport us to a whole new world of sexual bliss. Meanwhile, lets savour their current delights. Don’t be left wanting...


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