A grilled chicken fillet is not the same as a ribeye steak with baked potatoes as a side dish. If we have this clear, we will perfectly understand the difference between a regular clitoral suction toy and a Lelo clitoral suction toy. The Swedish luxury brand has gone all out (and let's leave the meat similes aside, there are also vegans here) to create the ultimate range of clitoral suction toys. How much is your pleasure worth? An attractive and sophisticated design and sonic wave technology that generates pulsations, stimulating your clitoris in its entirety without touching it, just surrounding it to take you to heaven. We promise it will sing you sonatas.

Here you will find all the existing Lelo clitoral suction toys on the market so far. The Sona, the Sona 2, the Sona Cruise, and the Sona Cruise 2, each one a little better than the previous to go further, higher, above, deeper. Discreet, waterproof, coated with high-quality medical-grade silicone, rechargeable, and quiet, we cannot lie, they have us absolutely enchanted. It's somewhat similar to what Apple fans feel, unconditional love. If you don't settle for just anything, here's your Lelo.


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