Enjoy safe sex. In this section of EroticFeel, you’ll find a huge selection of condoms designed for total protection during sex. Would you prefer flavoured condoms? Maybe you'd like to try a condom with climax delay? Have you heard of ribbed condoms? Whatever you're looking for, it's you who decides how to enjoy the best safe sex. And at EroticFeel, we want to make it easy for you with the products that you’ll find below. We offer you the best brands of condoms at unbeatable prices. Enter now to see our full range of condoms.

The condom has been considered an essential item in the world of sex and erotica for many years now. Unsurprisingly, we're talking about the most widely used contraceptive.

There’s still no agreement about when they were first used or discovered. However, evidence of items which had the same function as the modern condom has been found in many different cultures throughout history. We can mention the first condoms in Ancient Egypt, from around 1000Bc — only here, fabrics or animals products were used. Interestingly, at that time, the main purpose of the condom was to prevent the transmission of certain diseases, rather than prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The fact is that condoms are synonymous with many things but, first and foremost — with safe sex. It’s scientifically demonstrated that using a condom is the most reliable way to avoid catching a sexually transmitted disease or infection. It doesn't matter if you're having oral sex, vaginal sex or anal sex. This erotic item is undoubtedly the most effective weapon in the fight against the feared STDs/STIs. What's more, it's been demonstrated as one of the best ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies. That's why the condom is such a great invention and a fantastic contraceptive — it prevents the transmission of diseases and prevents unwanted pregnancies at the same time!

All condom brands online

At EroticFeel you can find a huge choice of branded condoms online from the Durex Classic to the modern Lelo Hex — whose cutting-edge multi-hexagonal structure guarantees out-of-this-world sensitivity. We want you to enjoy safe sex, and that's why have the best brands of condoms available for you at our online sex shop.

Which condom should I choose?

Choosing a condom can be quite an overwhelming experience, especially when presented with such an enormous selection like we have here at EroticFeel. The solution? Well, it all depends on your tastes and needs — some people prefer one type of condom while others go for other kinds. But at EroticFeel we're here to help and make it a little bit easier for you. Below we’ll explain all the different types of condoms you can find in our online sex shop:

  • Classic condoms: standard, no frills condoms. No aromas or flavours. No special textures. Just the basic, no fuss condoms that have been around for so many years.
  • Thin condoms:don't kid yourself. Using thinner condoms won't take away sensitivity or make you less aroused. Quite the opposite. Fine condoms will give you an extra level of sensitivity when you want to enjoy sex — without taking away any of the protection.
  • Ribbed: one of the best choices if you want to enjoy greater stimulation while using condoms. Dotted, ringed, ribbed — so many different textures for so much more pleasure.
  • Flavoured: flavoured condoms are, above all — fun! (and safe, of course). Fruits, chocolate...You’ll find so many great flavours at EroticFeel.
  • Latex Free: we want everyone to enjoy sex and that’s why if you have an allergy to latex, you’ll be able to find a great selection of latex free condoms. Even if you're not allergic to latex, you should try these condoms. The material they are made from, synthetic polyisoprene, transmits heat much more efficiently — helping you to feel much more realistic and satisfying sensations.
  • XL: XL condoms (or even, XXL condoms) are designed for those larger than average penises. Of course, they offer the same protection as regular size condoms and they’re easier to put on.
  • Climax delay: the idea behind climax delay condoms is that they help the wearer to prolong his excitement so that both partners can enjoy longer-lasting sex. To give him a more intense orgasm once he's ready to cum. To give her more time to enjoy the pleasure and achieve orgasm.

What's the difference between regular condoms and anal condoms?

If you think that one type of condom is safer to use than another — then you're mistaken. Condoms for anal sex go through exactly the same quality controls as any other condom. So what’s the difference? Well, condoms designed for anal sex are manufactured with a stronger type of latex. That’s why they’re often called ‘extra-strong’ or ‘extra-safe’. Besides, due to the make-up of the anus, anal condoms are essential for good sexual health. Keep in mind that the rectal mucosa is the perfect entry point for bacteria and viruses. Lastly, remember that water-based lubricants are recommended for anal sex.

What's the minimum expiration date of condoms?

The expiration date of condoms depends on the brand, and even the material they are made from. For example, latex condoms have a longer shelf life than those made of polyisoprene. Therefore, condoms have a minimum shelf life of two years, although some can last for three, four, or even five years. However, regardless of the expiry date, there are certain habits that can have a detrimental effect on condoms. What are they? Keeping them in your wallet or car, using two condoms at the same time or not putting on a condom properly.

Nevertheless, remember that at EroticFeel online sex shop — buying condoms is totally safe. We’ll never sell you an out-of-date condom or one that’s about to expire.

Can condoms be reused?

Absolutely not! A condom can never be reused, not even once — even when you're having sex with the same partner. Reusing a condom is definitely not recommended because it drastically reduces its effectiveness — both in the prevention of STDs/STIs and with avoiding unwanted pregnancies. The message is very clear: a condom is only effective when it’s used correctly.

Can condoms fail?

Sorry to tell you this, but unfortunately, condoms can indeed fail. But only in 2% of cases. Condoms are 98% effective, and according to the statistics, with correct and proper use (knowing how to put them on), this effectiveness would further increase.

Masturbators and condoms

There is an unfounded belief that you can use single-use masturbators with a condom. What for? Well, so that they become various-use masturbators instead of just single-use. But, we repeat — this is an absolutely unfounded belief. It's not the discharge of semen that makes a masturbator apt for one or various uses. If this was the case, you wouldn’t be able to use any masturbator more than once. The reason for this is because these types of sex toys have specific mechanisms that, once activated, can not be reactivated. That's why you should stop using condoms with your favourite masturbator and enjoy!

Unbeatable prices for masturbators

At EroticFeel sex shop, you’ll find unbeatable prices so that you can buy the best condoms online. We have a huge selection of quality condoms available for you. So, what are you waiting for?


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