Sex Toys for Men

Many people associate sex toys exclusively with female consumers — but nothing could be further from the truth. Traditional masturbation has developed into something more sophisticated. There are now a wide variety of products available to accompany men in their search for pleasure. At EroticFeel, we’ve selected the most in-demand men's toys so that you can experience whole new sexual dimensions. You choose if you want to do it alone or in company. You're still not sure which sex toy to try first? Well, don't think twice and consult our exclusive catalogue of sex toys for men. Enter now and find what you’re looking for.

Enough with taboos and prejudices! At EroticFeel, we want you to fully enjoy your sexuality — whether alone or with company. Who are our allies in this pursuit of pleasure? Famous adult toy brands like Tenga or Satisfyer, among others. In this section, you’ll find a countless number of male sex toys that will take the concept of masturbation to another dimension..

Types of men's sex toys

Our online adult store has an extensive range of sex toys for men. How do you know which one (or ones) is for you? Here we’ll introduce the different points that you should keep in mind when buying your men's sex toy:

  • Reusable products vs. disposable products: if you’re just starting off in the world of sex toys, disposable products are the ideal choice. You can try as many as you like for a reasonable price until you find your favourite stimulation. As soon as you've found what you’re looking for, we have a wide selection of reusable masturbators available. With good maintenance, you can use them a countless number of times. Our online sex shop also has products that guarantee your toys are taken care of.
  • Vibrating toys vs. Non-vibrating toys: our men's sex toys incorporate the most advanced technology. Some of them are even equipped with vibrating motors so that you can enjoy even more intense experiences. Cock rings, masturbators...the choice is yours.
  • Textured toys vs. Smooth toys: among each series of sex toys for men that you will find at EroticFeel, you’ll find models with softer and more realistic internal structures, as well as those with stronger and more intricate internal details. So you get to choose the one that gives you most satisfaction.

Which is the best sex toy for men?

Considering all of the above, we at EroticFeel believe that no male sex toy is better than another. It all depends on your tastes and needs. With it being such a subjective issue, we have brought together a wide range of men's sex toys . That way, it will be you — and no one but you — who decides which is the best adult product for you. And if you need us to give you a pointer, don't hesitate to ask. We’ll be delighted to help you!

Are only men's vibrators available?

Although vibrators are the most well-known sex toys, especially in the world of female erotica, the sex toy market is much more varied. What’s more, every day a new discovery — solely and exclusively oriented towards sexual pleasure — is made. So, we assure you that you’ll never stop being surprised. Are you curious about the other sex toys that can be found at EroticFeel? Pay attention — we’ll tell you about them next.

  • Masturbator eggs: at first glance it doesn't seem that instead of a yolk and white, this egg has a male masturbator inside. Tenga masturbators will give you the kind of stimulation you've never even dreamed of. The shell designs are all very different — but their functions are by no means decorative. The texture inside each one matches the illustrations on the wrapping. Are you down to try all of them?
  • Vibrating cock rings: no, we've not made a mistake. Rings are not only for your fingers. But you can be sure that they are just as precious. With or without vibration — cock rings will make your erection last longer. There are models for all tastes: including those designed only for the base of the penis, and those that also hold the testicles and scrotum. In addition, vibrating cock rings also serve to stimulate your partner. Take a look through our catalogue and choose the one that most takes your fancy.
  • Male masturbators: whether you want to enjoy a realistic experience; or if you prefer to enjoy new sensations, at EroticFeel you have a wide range of penis masturbators to choose from. There are those with a sucking and others with a heating effect; standard sizes and folding XL versions; reusable and disposable ones; those that twist and others that tickle...the list goes on! Moreover, they're available in many different colours and with a variety of different internal structures. Discover one of the most exciting male sex toys!
  • Penis vibrators: men's vibrating sex toys or male vibrators, are a very potent product. What's their main feature? They’re able to provide you with incredible stimulation at the push of a button. These products may have several different speeds or just the one. Also, a powerful motor can be found in various types of toys — including masturbators and cock rings. They work with batteries or charging cables— which can also be found in the box of your male vibrator.
  • Anal vibrator: the anus is the area with the most nerve endings in the male body — even more than the glans. A good prostate massage will give you 33% more intense orgasms. What’s the best way to achieve this? A male anal vibrator — specifically designed to reach the most sensitive parts in the easiest way. Hold on, extreme pleasure is coming your way.
  • Penis pumps: we can't guarantee that these penis pumps will turn you into Rocco Siffredi (although there's no shortage of men who rave about their benefits).However, they have been proven to be effective in combating erectile dysfunction and provide a great deal of pleasure as a sex toy. Manual, automatic, electric, with vibration, with internal textured sleeves... Find the best penis pumps on the market here.  

The best masturbators for men

There is no accounting for taste. What drives some men to the most magnificent orgasm, might leave others feeling dissatisfied — and vice versa. However, we can safely guarantee that there are certain masturbators that fascinate everyone equally. Would you like to know what these are?

With no vibration or heat effect, Tenga egg masturbators are sweeping all before them in the men's sex toy market. Tenga eggs, with the most varied textures, are at your fingertips. We are 100% sure that they’ll be one (if not all) that will meet your expectations when it comes to stimulation. From the classic Wavy, to the Shiny or Cloudy, through to the Surfer, Crater or Clicker, amongst others.

In the fight for first place, Tenga is competing with another range of products that fully seduces the male audience. The fact that they are reusable masturbators may play an important role here. We're talking about Air-Tech masturbators with suction effect. Whether it's the Regular version or the Strong version, these masturbators are an absolute delight to everyone.

If you still haven’t tried any of our masturbators for men — don't be left wanting! You can get what you most desire in our online sex shop EroticFeel.


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