Erotic Cosmetics

Picasso said, “Sex and art are the same thing”. Here you have the products that will open the doors of pleasure to your five senses. Kiss, lick, touch, smell, eat, rub, slide — anything you can think of. Oils, creams, bath salts, gels, edible powders — products that will uncover a new world of fun, creativity, intimacy and stimulation. What plans do you have for tonight?

Picasso said, “Sex and art are the same thing”, And not only for him. Painters, writers, musicians, filmmakers, sculptures — sex has always been present in their work. It's created and consumed. We enjoy contemplating, listening to, reading or viewing eroticism. It's up to us whether we want to make it taboo, or let it be free. However, in a culture obsessed with genitals (especially male ones) there is little room for art. It's not all about penises of gargantuan proportions penetrating everything in their path. The unrealistic perceptions that we have about sex, conditioned by the pornographic industry (basically, our sex ed teacher), leave little room for creativity.

So we can go through life (a sad, sad life) believing that sex simply involves a few kisses, a little touching followed by penetration to orgasm (with a little luck). OK. If you go to to an amusement park, you don't spend all day on the roller-coaster, do you? You make the most of your day by taking a ride on the Ferris wheel, taking a spin on the bumper cars, and having a good old fright in the haunted house.... And it might just be the case that both you and your partner prefer the Ferris wheel to the roller-coaster anyway. What's more, this really wouldn’t be unusual given a recent study about “real sex” and “socially idealised sex” conducted by the renowned erotic cosmetics brand Bijoux Indiscrets. From a sample of 2000 people in the study, 26.54% said that they preferred kisses and caresses. Only 6.59% chose penetration versus 66.86% who said they enjoyed masturbation and sex more.. Quite revealing, isn't it?

Seduction, caresses, kisses, foreplay, massages, oral sex and masturbation — these are not the appetisers before the sex. They are simply sex. It's not a race. The sole objective is pleasure and to maximise your enjoyment. And what better way is there than to engage your five senses? Shall we tell you how?

What are erotic cosmetics?

Imagine the scene... You go to buy a sex toy with your partner, and suddenly, instead of dildos, vibrators, masturbators or handcuffs — you find this section. And what is this about erotic cosmetics? When your partner touches you, lays you down gently on the bed, begins slowly massaging your back, and reaches your buttocks — feels good, doesn’t it? Then he or she begins kissing your neck, moving down towards your chest, your waist, and pausing...making you wait, anticipate — you like it, don’t you? When your partner prepares you a bath and you slide under the hot, foamy water while a hand slips under and some fingers run up the length of your leg towards your inner thighs...We're sure you like this too.

Well, add to the massage an aphrodisiac oil that awakens your senses and enhances the sensations of your caresses. Add some edible powders to the kisses, licks and bites — which sweetens every mouthful. Add some aromatic salts to the bath — which only intensifies the atmosphere and increases your desire. Those are erotic cosmetics. Flavoured oils, orgasmic creams that make your intimate parts even more sensitive, lotions that make your erection stronger and more intense, bath salts, edible gels, powders and paints to lick off your partner’s body, or lip glosses that give incredible orgasms.

Products that open the doors of pleasure to your five senses, that work as a means of communication without words, that enrich your encounters —a world full of choices. Kiss, lick, touch, smell, eat, rub — anything you can think of. More enjoyable, more creative, more intimate and stimulating — other pleasures are possible. What plans do you have for tonight?

What erotic cosmetics products will you find at EroticFeel?

  • Skin care: the skin is the largest erogenous zone in the human body. It gives us pleasure when we caress it , rub it or we massage it. It gives us goosebumps when we fall in love and it gets hot when we're turned on. It protects us against outside forces and it suffers when we treat it badly. Taking care of our skin is the key to our well-being, and at EroticFeel, we have a wide range of products to pamper it . For him and for her, and for every part of your body — the best quality where you need it most.
  • Erotic massages: creams, gels and oils. There are few things as pleasurable as a massage and we make it easy for you with our dedicated range of products. A huge selection of fragrances and sensations that will make your intimate encounters more than just special.
  • Erotic baths: products that offer you a complete experience — thousands of pearls for a ritual that will excite each one of your senses. There’s no better way to get closer. No distractions — just the two of you in the most relaxing and sensual atmosphere in the world. Shower gels, bath salts, fragrances and the best products. You won't want to get out of the bath for a long while.
  • Erotic cosmetic sets: possibly the best gift you can give. The best selection of erotic products in one neat package. Perfect if you can't decide which of our products you like best. To enjoy with your partner, for yourself, or for whatever may happen.
  • Stimulants and enhancers: this section is simply wonderful. Erotic make-up products full of surprises, edible powders, aphrodisiac oils or sexual stimulants. Undoubtedly the best way to add warmth, intensity and fun to your sexual encounters.

What should you keep in mind when buying erotic cosmetics?

When buying erotic cosmetics, you should keep in mind a series of recommendations:

  • Find out if the product is edible or not;
  • If it can be used with latex condoms;
  • if it safe to use on your skin and on the mucous membranes in your intimate area,
  • If it's been tested on animals;
  • If its ingredients are suitable for sensitive skin ;
  • If the product is to come into contact with the genitals, it's vital that it doesn't contain sugars, as this can alter the pH balance and cause bacterial and yeast infections.

Remember that all products have been tested before they go to market. Even so, it's preferable to buy items from a trusted brand with an associated website.

Now you know what erotic cosmetics are — the products you can find and the ones you should avoid, it’s time to get to work! There’s a whole lot of pleasure to discover.


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