Women's Erotic Lingerie

Introducing one of the raciest sections of our website. Enjoy our exclusive selection of lingerie — you’ll find babydolls, bodystockings, lingerie sets and sexy dresses. We've chosen the most elegant and sensual apparel that will infuse the passion into your sexual encounters. Why not surprise your partner with one of our products? We assure you that a gift like this will make your moments of intimacy truly unforgettable. Here you’ll find our full collection of sexy and erotic lingerie — both for women and men. Enter now and find what you’re looking for.

Clothing has the real ability to excite our senses. Some more than others — of course. A delicious meal is much more appetising when it's well-presented. There's nothing wrong with cotton panties, but the sight of a flesh-coloured girdle can ruin the most promising night. There are some sights that can cause irreversible damage — that's why investing in your erotic wardrobe is highly recommended.

It never hurts to use a little imagination in order to look and feel sexier. Sexy lingerie is in fashion. It makes us feel better, helps build our self-esteem, and helps to unleash the passion when we’re being intimate .

For some it's a fetish, and for others it hides the taboo of the unknown. Seduce or be seduced — that is the question. We’ve not invented anything new at EroticFeel. From traditional bloomers to Victorian corsets — women's underwear has always had sexual connotations.

Do you remember how Marilyn Monroe made the bullet bra so famous? It smashed taboos and marked the beginning of a new era. For the first time in history, there was no longer any shame in wanting to feel sexy. Women and men around the world were inspired by that symbol of desire.

Forget about the “Well, it's not going to stay on for long anyway!”— and enjoy removing each piece one by one. You’ll have so much fun.

Are you looking for something naughty? Sophisticated? Provocative? Lace, see-through, mesh, tule or fishnet... There's much more beyond the suspender belt. You decide what to show, what to conceal, and what should be left to the imagination.

Erotic apparel

Let's get straight to the point. When you lock your eyes on our sexy suggestions, you won't believe what you're seeing. When you feel the temperature rising and when you’re breathing gets heavier — something good is about to happen. It was never easier to escape the routine and add a bit of spice to your new sexual encounter. You’ll have the perfect little number delivered straight to your door with just the click of a mouse.

Our selection of lingerie at EroticFeel

  • Babydolls: Would you like a nightgown for a special occasion? The babydoll has become an icon of erotic lingerie in its own right — few garments have aroused so much passion. Lace, silk, see-through, crotchless — choosing will be the hardest part.
  • Plus sizes: by no means should you reach for the brakes if you have a fuller figure — we're all sexy and we can all be even sexier. That's why we have a whole selection of erotic lingerie for real women to make you radiate sensuality and feel more powerful than ever. Make the most of your curves and unleash the goddess inside. They’ll be lost for words.
  • Bodystockings or catsuits: if you're looking for something suitable for your hottest and wildest nights — you've found it. Short or long, black or multicoloured. Slip into it and emphasise your womanly assets. The bodystockings at EroticFeel combine elegance and sensuality.. They stand out due to the originality of their designs. You’ll definitely hit the bullseye.
  • Sexy lingerie sets: babydolls, bras, thongs, tops, panties, culottes or suspender belts — lingerie sets are a basic of any sexy underwear draw. Every woman should own a few in case passion catches you off guard. Would you prefer a classic lacey lingerie set in black or in a bold turquoise? There are an infinite number of options — but why choose? It's better to have just as many outfits as unforgettable encounters.
  • Dresses: Sexy little dresses can be your most tantalising weapon. Emphasise you your silhouette with striking, feminine dresses that will definitely not go unnoticed. On our website, you’ll find a whole host of designs: long-sleeved, strapless, leather, tulle, fishnet—the list just goes on. Which one will you choose?
  • Tights, stockings and leggings: few garments exude eroticism quite like tights or stockings. Is there anything more sensual than slowly taking them off? Of course, another option are our stockings with integrated suspender belt. Success guaranteed. If you prefer the more classic look—you’re in the right place.

Sexy underwear

Underwear matters. Feeling sexy matters even more. Set free your wild side and indulge yourself! Are you looking for something for a special occasion in particular? Or do you want to be prepared for what might happen? Maybe you'd like to show your sweetest side, demonstrate your sexiest striptease—or take control in latex and leather. Whatever you're up for — the most important thing is that you’re ready for it. Sexy underwear is designed for all types of women, sizes and tastes.

Nowadays, basic underwear like bras or panties don't have to be just boring and practical. They can also be decorative or real objects of desire. Trousers are not just to cover your legs, are they? You also want them to feel and look good. Why should underwear be any different?

The clothing that we choose for each occasion defines us. If you go on a hot date, you don't put on the same clothes as when you go for a walk in the countryside.

Sexy lingerie

First ask yourself — what does sexy mean to you? Don't let anyone tell you because our tastes and desires are completely unique. Once you have your answer, choose the right items to complete your look and make you feel sexier than ever.

Exquistie outfits; panties and bras that evoke elegance; corsets and bustieres that trace your silhouete and redefine your curves; sequin nipple covers and tassels to surprise your partner; or edible lingerie to offer a sweet and lustful treat that satisfies two primal instincts at once.

Always go one step further. The only limit is your own imagination and if you need inspiration — take a look at all the products available at EroticFeel online sex shop. Empower yourself in the best way possible — by feeling sexy and expressing your sexuality. Remember that beauty, above all, is found on the inside.


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