Having sex at least twice a month, that's your goal for this year. True, there have been better times, but better twice than none, and you also know what lean times are. A box of 24 condoms and a clear determination that it won't last more than a year, that's your aspiration, and we're going to help you. We can't provide you with partners (we don't offer that kind of service), but we do have the most comfortable, thin, safe, and sensitive condoms in the market. Pay attention.

Lelo Hex, Durex Natural Comfort, Durex Real Feel, Durex Sensitivo Suave... find at EroticFeel the condoms that best suit your tastes and needs and get to work. We wish you the best of fortunes (it doesn't hurt to have a rabbit's foot or a four-leaf clover, we're not infallible).


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