Tenga Vi-Bo Masturbators for Couples

Find and buy your Tenga Vi-Bo here, the first collection of sexual toys for couples by Tenga. As you hear it, or rather as you read it, the famous Japanese company has decided to put their creativity at the service of shared pleasure, and the result could not be more satisfying. Five original, small, colorful, and very fun toys to have a blast in your upcoming sexual encounters. Can we tell you a secret? Everything that can be used as a couple is also great for some solo fun.

The success of Tenga Vi-Bo is based on flexibility and vibration. Exceptionally elastic and powerful, these mini toys depart from the cumbersome and impractical shapes of classic couple's toys. The clitoris, nipples, vagina, penis, testicles - they stimulate each and every one of your erogenous zones and those of your partner during exciting foreplay, incredible masturbation, or deep penetration.

Reusable and waterproof, Tenga Vi-Bo will challenge your imagination with unique designs that naturally adapt to your practices and bodies. All Vi-Bo toys work with batteries and have an approximate autonomy of 30 uninterrupted minutes. Buy your Tenga Vi-Bo here and always have batteries on hand - you'll need them!


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