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LELO Luna Classic Kegel Balls

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You want some Kegel balls, but not any old ones. What you need are the most famous and best-selling Kegel balls in the world. Great! Although you don't always get exactly what you want, in this case — your wishes are our command! We’ve got LELO Luna Beads Classic. When you unwrap the glamorous packaging that is the hallmark of the leading luxury brand of sex toys, you'll find two sets of balls — all with a diameter of 35 millimetres. Two pink balls weighing 28 grams and two blue balls weighing 37 grams. What for? So that you can exchange them and combine them for a perfect workout every time.

If you've made it this far, we don't have to explain everything that Kegel balls can do for you. However, there may be something that'll take you by surprise. Not only will they strengthen your pelvic floor, they'll also make your orgasms (and your partner's) more intense and longer-lasting. Strong vaginal muscles are a guarantee of more pleasure, but they will also help to prevent urine leaks and make those annoying menopause symptoms more manageable. With regular use, you'll notice an increase in your natural lubrication and sensitivity in your intimate area. These are more benefits than you thought, right?

LELO Luna Beads Classic are ideal for women over the age of 30 and those who have been through pregnancy Use them and you'll see how your vaginal elasticity returns to how it was. You'll also be able to contract your muscles during sex whenever you feel like it. Your partner will thank you for it. That's a promise.

Specific characteristics of LELO Luna Beads Classic:

  • They include four balls of different sizes — two of 28 grams and two of 37 grams.
  • They have a diameter of 35 millimetres.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • With an award-winning and internationally acclaimed design.
  • Made of high quality silicone that is 100% body-safe.

How should I use my Kegel balls?

We recommend that you always use a water-based lubricant to facilitate insertion and prevent discomfort. If you've never used them before, it's best to start with a single ball and wear it for a few minutes while walking. As your muscles get used to it, you can increase the weight and combine different balls.

Is there anything better than exercising by playing? So, what are you waiting for?

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