Satisfyer Partner

Satisfyer Partner Vibrator for Couples

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The Satisfyer Partner is one of Satisfyer's most popular vibrators for couples. Used during intercourse, it's the perfect buddy for clitoral stimulation — but not just that. Are you ready for this exciting sex toy?

The Satisfyer Partner is a soft vibrator with a perfectly ergonomic shape. This unique U-shaped device has a dual use — vaginal and clitoral. Moreover, the fact that this device isn't symmetrical is part of its functionality. It has a wider side, where the control button is located, which is used to stimulate the outside of the clitoris. The slimmer side is inserted into the vagina to massage the G-spot — stimulating both of her erogenous zones at the same time. This part is also very flexible and adapts perfectly to a woman's intimate area.

And while you may think that the Satisfyer Partner is really just designed for her — you're wrong. He will also benefit from the advantages of using this couples' vibrator. How? The vibrations of the Satisfyer Partner are transmitted to the narrower side of the stimulator, which is inserted into the woman's vagina. This will create a sensation of tightness that will provide him with a considerable amount of pleasure.

The Satisfyer Partner has 10 vibration programs, with 3 intensities and 7 rhythms — thanks to its two ultra-powerful motors. It is easy to clean and its airtight design ensures that no liquid can get inside. Moreover, it''s waterproof (not submergible), so you can enjoy this toy... even in the shower!

Remember that the Satisfyer Partner includes a magnetic-type USB charger cable — so your favorite toy won't run out of battery.

To turn it on, simply press the centre button for 2 seconds. This will activate the lowest vibration level. If you want to dive into the different programs, you simply have to click on that same button. And, to turn it off, press it again for another 2 seconds.

If you want to further enhance your sexual experience, we recommend using water-based lubricants — it'll make it even more slippery.

Last but not least — cleaning it is a piece of cake. Just use warm water and neutral soap. Dry it properly and your Satisfyer Partner will be as good as new.

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