Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Black Skin Jewellery

Bijoux Indiscrets Mimi Skin Jewellery

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Marilyn may have gone to bed wearing just a few drops of Chanel No. 5, but we're offering you a much sexier and more empowering accessory. Your nipples are not an emoji, something to cover up with a smiley face, or something to be censored. They are beautiful, sensual and, above all, anatomy — just another part of the human body. Nevertheless, you only have to upload an image showing them (the female ones, of course) on any social network for them to disappear immediately. Who is the inquisitor of the nipple? We imagine a man sporting a moustache, a dusty, grey suit and a scowl. He has a complex because he was born with three nipples, and he lies awake day and night looking for any woman who dares to show what he would like to tear off. Such complexes have done a lot of damage.

Bijoux Indiscrets, the luxury brand created by women for women, has joined the #freethenipple movement and has created an item as lustful and sophisticated as it is controversial. Adorn your nipples and make them the centre of attention — an irresistible delight. How? With Mimi.

Take a look at these body jewels that accentuate all types of breasts.. Designed for desire, these jewels will make you feel more beautiful, awaken the passion and amaze your lover. They will adorn your body with seduction and elegance.

Presented in an elegant case, they are extremely easy to attach with their silicone self-adhesive base. Available in black, silver or pearl, they may the only thing you wear or the perfect complement to your most daring lingerie.

Features of Mimi by Bijoux Indiscrets:

  • Beautiful and sensual self-sticking nipple covers.
  • Easy to fit.
  • For all types of breasts.
  • Diagonal measurements: 6.7 cm
  • Width measurements: min: 2 cm; max: 6.5 cm.

Ref.: 1701140


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