JoyDivision and its brand BIOglide have launched a line of organic, vegan and certified gels and lubricants. Committed to responsible consumption, the brand calls for you to "love naturally and consume consciously ". Are you up for it?

‘Made with love in Germany’ is their slogan and helping you to enjoy sex with the help of completely natural, organic and body-friendly products is their mission.  JoyDivision was created in 1994 with the objective of creating products for sexual well-being and intimate health with maximum respect for both the body and the environment. Today, with more than 25 years of experience behind them, they have a range that encompasses more than 250 products of the highest quality that are sold in more than 60 countries. Its success story begins in 1997 with the launch of BIOglide Original — the world's first 100% natural lubricating gel. This was the very first to officially carry the BDIH natural product seal of approval.

Its sustainable BIOglide includes two flavoured lubricants (strawberry and cherry), an anal lubricant, a stimulating lubricant enriched with ginseng, a lubricant with carrageenan, a neutral lubricant and a massage oil. All products are organic,,vegan,water-based and with completely natural ingredients that conform with the highest quality standards required for organic certification. They're free of artificial fragrances, dyes, preservatives and parabens. They've not been tested on animals and respect the natural pH of your intimate areas.

BIOglide lubricants are designed to improve vaginal, oral and anal intercourse, facilitating insertion and increasing pleasure. They also combat vaginal dryness and the resulting discomfort by acting as a moisturiser and mucous membrane protector. As for the flavour lotions specifically designed for oral sex, they don’t contain sugar, which makes them ideal for any type of practice. Remember that lotions or creams with sugars can cause fungal infections as they break down in the vagina.

Sustainable consumption

JoyDivision calls for you to "love naturally and consume consciously ". With this commitment in mind and aware that, unfortunately, the emission of CO2 during the production of lubricants cannot be completely avoided,they compensate for the emission of carbon dioxide released with the high-quality CO2 climate protection project 'Soddo Reforestation' in Ethiopia.

Other JoyDivision products

The German company also produces the AQUAglide range, a collection of silicone toys for men and women, and stringless tampons that have become the world's best sellers of their kind.

The company has won dozens of awards over the years, but most importantly, they've gained the trust of consumers.


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