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Tenga Egg Pack

Egg Box with Tenga Egg Pack

Ref.: 1700109

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At EroticFeel, we know that if you meet your friends with this original egg box, you will become the life and soul of the party. Because this egg box contains six of the most popular masturbator eggs from Tenga; in particular, the Tenga Eggs from the Regular series. This means that you are giving your friends the chance to enjoy six different stimulations, all of them with a standard tightness and suitable for everyone.

What eggs will you find in your Tenga Egg Pack, an egg box with masturbator eggs?

Tenga Egg Wavy masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Wavy offers an incomparable pleasure because it is one of the narrowest of the brand.

Its internal texture imitates the shape of the waves, that vary in size and thickness. At the base there are the biggest waves and on the tip the smallest ones, for a silky and smooth sensation.

Tenga Egg Clicker masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Clicker provides you an omnidirectional and dynamic feelings.

How? Nubs of several sizes cover the interior wall for a unique sensation.

Tenga Egg Spider masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Spider masturbator egg is based on a web structure that covers the inside of the product.

This global web structure provides a multidirectional feeling, creating, in addition, an extra adherence in the masturbation.

Tenga Egg Twister masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Twister is formed by a system of internal spirals.

This system follows the shape of the egg, so at the base the spirals are wider while on the tip they are narrower, to provoke a true whirlwind.

Tenga Egg Stepper masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Stepper offers a surprising and varied sensation thanks to the bidirectional stimulation.

This means that the feelings it offers are different depending on the movement, upwards or downwards. This double massage is obtained thanks to the internal structure of the egg, formed by hemispheres arranged in lines and in all directions.

Tenga Egg Silky masturbator egg

The Tenga Egg Silky has a design that imitates the shape of a spindle, with intertwined delicate ribs.

This is probably the egg that best recreates the feeling of oral sex.

What are the characteristics of the eggs you’ll find on the Tenga Egg Pack egg box?

All these eggs are made of elastomer, an elastic and hygienic material that perfectly fits any penis.

But remember this product is thought for a single use. To use it, open the wrapping, pull out the eggshell and open the egg. On the inside, you’ll find a sachet of lube that you should apply on the egg and on the insertion point. Now, you only have to move your Tenga Egg up and down.

Enjoy the male masturbation as never before!