Forget the olive oil, the butter and other ‘do-it-yourself’ ideas. Leave it to the experts! Lubrication is essential if you want to enjoy sex. Pjur ,a byword for reliability and quality all over the world, have as many lubes as there are sexual preferences and positions. Don't let a bad choice ruin a beautiful moment. Pleasure should be compulsory.

Not long ago, famous celebrities were all over the media praising the benefits of coconut oil ⁠— even recommending its use in the bedroom. So, another craze was unleashed... Sales went through the roof, and the gynaecologists and sexologists were forced to come out and deny that smearing your genitals in this product had even the slightest benefit. Why do we fall for these things? Cleopatra used to smear her intimate parts with a honey and almond paste for her chosen subjects to lap up — but this is not a widespread practice nowadays. Well, to be honest, we actually prefer the sexual wisdom of Cleopatra to that of Miranda Kerr.

But let's get straight to the point — to combat vaginal dryness, make sexual encounters more pleasant and enjoyable, or add a spicy edge to the encounter, we have a wide range of excellent intimate lubricants. They are tested and beneficial for our skin and mucous membranes — so there's just no need to resort to quack celebrity-endorsed remedies. Pjur,the skincare specialist with more than 20 years of experience to count on, sells its products in more than 70 countries on 5 different continents. If you're searching for the highest-quality lube, then look no further than this brand.

Pjur was created with the aim of improving the quality of peoples’ love lives by using only the purest and highest quality ingredients. That's why some of their products, like Pjur Original (the world´s biggest selling silicone-based lubricant), have taken the market by storm. The company makes all of their gels, lubricants, serums and sprays in Germany — with no exceptions.

Pjur Love, Pjur Med and Pjur Spa are the brand's three product lines. Lube to stir up passion and intensify sensations; body lotions for the intimate care of the most sensitive skin; and sensational massage lotions with delightful aromas to help you relax and relish in your partner's touch. Will you come with us to explore the slippery world of Pjur?

The best Pjur Love lubricants

Whether you're a beginner or experienced, alone or in company, the Pjur Love range is perfect for everyone. Pjur Original is the company's biggest selling product. It provides excellent, long-lasting lubrication and is suitable for use with latex condoms. What’s more, just a little bit spreads a long way! Just a few drops and you’ll enjoy until you're panting with pleasure and exhaustion. If you are looking for the qualities of Pjur Original but adapted to the pH of female skin, choose Pjur Original Woman. With no added preservatives or perfume, its delicate formula leaves your skin feeling silky soft.

If you're looking for a lighter, less viscous formula that is of equally high quality, then choose between Pjur Light (multiple uses and easier to spread) and Pjur Basic Silicone (great value for money). For those that prefer water-based lubricant, Pjur has created Pjur Aqua y el Pjur Aqua Woman. Two top-of-the-range lubricants with excellent lubricating and moisturising properties. They have high skin tolerance, and care for your skin leaving it velvety soft to the touch and with no stickiness.

Something specific for female skin? Sure! We've already spoken about Pjur Original Woman and Pjur Aqua Woman, but if you prefer something more specific for when you have company, why not try l Pjur Woman Nude (preservative, paraben and glycerine free); Pjur Woman Aloe (containing aloe vera and tailored to your natural pH); or Pjur Woman Vegan (with 100% vegan ingredients, cruelty-free and adapted to your body’s natural pH balance). Healthy and sustainable pleasure for the most demanding.

New sensations? We have two ideas for you: Pjur Cool and Pjur Myglide. What’s special about them? Pjur Cool is a top-of-the-range water-based lubricant with refreshing menthol. Pjur Myglide is especially for feminine desire. It contains ginseng for a pleasant warming and tingling sensation. Which one will you choose?

Are you looking for something to stop you from ejaculating too soon? Pjur has designed the Pjur Superhero range of sprays and serums to reduce hypersensitivity in the penis and help you slow down.

Pjur lubricants for anal sex

Did you think that Pjur had forgotten to make specific products for smoother and more pleasurable anal sex? Nothing could be further than the truth. They have silicone and water-based lube, sprays, gels and serums to choose from. Get the one that best suits your body and preferences. Pjur Analyse me! and Pjur Back Door are two silicone lubricants with jojoba extract that lower sensitivity slightly. They don't contain lidocaine or benzocaine and they can be used perfectly well with latex condoms. What's the difference? Pjur Back Door has a higher concentration of silicone and is designed for more intensive anal sex.

Pjur Med

The Pjur Med series offers intimate care products with natural ingredients and no preservatives for a healthy lifestyle. Within these series, we can find water-based and silicone-based lube; aerosols and serums; and hygiene and intimate care products. Pjur Med formulas don’t contain hormones nor spermicides, and they can be used with latex condoms.

If you’re looking for a silicone lubricant to combat vaginal dryness, the brand have Pjur Med Premium Glide and Pjur Med Soft Glide. These two long-lasting lubricants are perfect for dry and sensitive mucous membranes in the genital area. Soft Glide also contains natural jojoba, which makes your skin more supple and has smoothing and calming properties.

Pjur Med Natural Glide is a water-based lube for your intimate area and specifically formulated for dry skin. With pure vegetable glycerine, it’s ideal for daily use and provides gentle hydration protecting the skin and mucous membranes. For very sensitive mucous membranes in the genital area, Pjur has created Sensitive Glide. It's a totally neutral water-based lubricant that contains no chemicals, parabens or glycerin.

Pjur Repair Glide is water-based and has moisturising, regenerative hyaluronate — perfect for dry or irritated skin in the vaginal area. It provides smooth and long-lasting lubrication and allows for optimal skin regeneration. The most conscientious can opt for Pjur Vegan Glide — a water-based lubricant with solely vegan ingredients. It hasn't been tested on animals and helps to maintain a balanced pH.

Pjur Spa

Pjur has created a range of massage lotions that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Oil-free, grease-free and breathable, they are easily removed without leaving any residue. These lotions release a seductive aroma and are specially designed to enhance every touch and caress — unleashing the passion. However, keep in mind that they are not lubricants — so you can't use these lotions with condoms. But they can indeed be used perfectly well in combination with any Pjur lube. All of them are enriched with vitamin E (famous for being the ‘fertility vitamin’ and its anti-ageing properties) and jojoba. Neutral, strawberry, cherry, melon and vanilla. The aromas are warm, sensual, and delicate. Try them all!


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