Plus Size Lingerie

We all have the right to feel sexy because we're all sexy. At least with the right lingerie. That's why you'll find the best selection of lingerie for real women at EroticFeel. Size is just an insignificant number, but we all can and should strive to radiate sensuality. At EroticFeel, you'll find the lingerie that will bring out the best in you. It'll empower you and enhance your beauty — making you feel strong and look beautiful. Our selection of plus size lingerie provides you with a fantastic amount of choice — and all our garments are of the highest quality.

There are many more types of women than they show in the fashion magazines. The fashion industry, instead of being a showcase for diversity, is more often than not a dictatorship that imposes beauty standards that are not only impossible — but also harmful. There are as many body types as there are women in the world. Size is not and should not be a limitation for anything — and certainly not when it comes to choosing lingerie. We're all sexy and all of us can be even sexier! Flesh-coloured knickers are great for some occasions, but they also have the potential to dampen the most raging libido in one fell swoop. It doesn't matter who you are. Erotic lingerie is in fashion for all women of all sizes; and just in case you were wondering — of course it exists! We've got all the evidence.

Babydolls, lingerie sets, dresses, panties, bodystockings... Here you can see our entire catalogue of plus size lingerie for women. The best quality the boldest, the most fun and most sophisticated designs — now within everyone's reach. Enter now, and whatever you do, embrace your sexuality and scream out loud — I'm sexy! Because it's true.

Would you like to surprise your partner? Escape the routine? Make your fantasies come true? The lingerie at the EroticFeel online sex shop will make your intimate encounters truly unforgettable. There's nothing like feeling desirable and powerful to awaken the goddess (or the devil) within you. Seduce or be seduced, reveal or let it be revealed — but above all enjoy it. That's what our lingerie is for.

Plus size babydolls for women

The babydoll is the erotic garment par excellence. It's the favourite of most women and men love it. This short, provocative, low-cut nightie, is usually worn with matching panties, thong or culotte, and has been around for more than half a century. And it's never gone out of fashion — something that very few garments have achieved. From the silk and satin of the first models to the lace, tulle and see-through designs that make the current styles real weapons of seduction. They’ll definitely get you both in the mood. Whether elegant, sensual or fun, they have stayed in style thanks to their extraordinary abilty to melt even the biggest icebergs. With openings, sheer, lace, transparent, satin, tulle — you choose. Do you like red or black? Or would you prefer a brighter colour? Whichever you go for, satisfication is guaranteed. We promise.

Women's plus size underwear

Things are not always what they seem, and underwear stopped just being practical a long time ago. You don't wear a dress just to cover your body; if yo did, you wouldn't try on twenty-five before buying the one that suits you most! Women's sexy lingerie has the real ability to excite our senses. The latest trends? Bodystockings, bodysuits and teddies. Short or long, in different colours, grid, mesh or spider web; they've become fetish items — real objects of desire. They cover your body — but only halfway. Their exoticism has made them one of the best-selling lingerie garments in recent times. They play with your sensuality, they surprise and they arouse. They're only suitable for the boldest of us. Do you dare...?

Sexy plus size dresses for women

If you're one of those who thinks it's sexier to suggest than to reveal — erotic dresses will be your best weapons of seduction. Elegant, sophisticated, and very sensual —they enhance your figure and your beauty. Keep a fan handy because the temperature's going to shoot up. Available In different colours and styles — choose the one that suits you best and go for it!

Size is just a number, so don't let anything stop you from wearing and doing what you want!


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