Classic Vibrators

Have you ever thought about using sex toys during your sexual encounters? At EroticFeel, we suggest that if you wish to embark upon your first journey in this exciting new world, you start with a classic vibrator. Nowadays it's considered to be a traditional sex toy, but this doesn't mean that your device will be old-fashioned or less effective. On the contrary. Manufacturers have unleashed their imagination to produce some amazing products and some of the designs are incredibly daring. We’re certain that you're going to love the experience and you’ll return in seach of new sensations. So, purchase your classic vibrator at EroticFeel. All of them are of the highest quality and are available at unbeatable prices. You’ll find exactly what you're looking for.

You know what you like, how you like it, and where you like it. It’s not about being traditional. Vibrators have no only come into our lives to break down taboos, but also so we can further explore our own bodies. You know it, and let's not kid ourselves — you don't want to put your orgasms in any kind of danger! Who would? Although classic vibrators were the first to be launched to the market, they continue to be among the best-selling toys. There’s got to be a reason for this! So, why is it? Because they do their job to absolute perfection!

Traditional vibrators

Stimulation of the clitoris is essential for female pleasure. Only a crazy person would tell you otherwise! However, and contrary to what many people believe — the female anatomy has various other pleasure points, and several of them are found inside the vagina. There's an awful lot of pleasure to be found in penetration. Unless you've been living under a rock forever, you’ll undoubtedly have heard of the G-spot. It's also possible that it's given you the most amazing orgasms of your life, or you've wasted a whole lot of time searching for it. Curved classic vibrators are fabulous for getting right to the spot without wasting any of your precious time. As well as the G-sport, does the A or the K-spot ring a bell? We promise that this isn't a chemistry class! The female body hides many treasures.

The A-spot, some 7.5 centimetres from the labia, is found on the upper part of the vagina — between the G-spot and the cervix. The experts claim that 95% of women that stimulate it have more intense or even multiple orgasms. Think about that “more” and that “multiple”. Stimulating your K-spot, found at the rear of the vagina and near the cervix, is a little more complicated. If you want to enjoy it fully, first you’ll have exercise your pelvic floor muscles. But is it worth it? Definitely.

With all this in mind, why don't you buy a classic vibrator today? You can find your classic vibrator at EroticFeell. All of our products are of the highest quality and at unbeatable prices. You’ll find exactly what you're looking for. Do you want to bet?

What is a traditonal vibrator?

A traditional or classic vibrator is any vibrating sex toy with an elongated shape that can be easily inserted into the vagina . But don't confuse a vibrator with a dildo — they're not the same. A vibrator, as its name suggests, always has a vibration setting that, by the way — is very effective. Apart from this common feature, in the online sex shop at EroticFeel, we've got a whole range of different models made with distinct materials and with diverse textures, in a variety of different textures, colours, curvatures, shapes, and sizes.. Which ones are we talking about? Take a look.

  • Satisfyer Charming Smile vibrator

    The name says it all — when you finish, they won't be able to hide your smile. This vibrator is curved to specifically reach and stimulate your G-spot. Its designed is perfectly adapted to the shape of your vagina. What's more, it's lilac! (This doesn't make it more effective, but makes it super cute!)

  • Satisfyer Master vibrator

    Are you looking for deep and intense vibration? This potent XL vibrator (we're not lying, it measures just over 9 inches with 7 inches of that being insertable), has a more realistic shape than the rest due to its glans-shaped curved ending. If you remember what we mentioned before, this toy is not only ideal for reaching the famous G-spot, but also the A and the K-spots.

  • Satisfyer Yummy Sunshine vibrator

    Its a next-generation vibrator capable of reaching the three most erogenous spots in your vagina (G,A and K). Flexible and with a silky-smooth texture, it's vibrations are perfectly distributed throughout the length and width of the shaft. We wish you many happy orgasms.

  • Satisfyer Petting Hippo vibrator

    What’s so special about this magnificent creature? Well, clearly it has got to be its soft and flexible hippopotamus-shaped head! If you've still not enjoyed your G-spot — this is your ticket to the pleasure zone. Do you still want more? 12 programs, 6 intensities and 6 vibration settings. Convinced?

  • Iroha Zen Vibrator

    The far-eastern company has designed a female vibrator inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony. A handy, little tip — don't just insert it into your vagina. Once you're inside, try turning it and you’ll be amazed by the sensations. It's something completely new.

  • Iroha Rin

    Iroha captivates us. Their Rin model — with its hard, rigid body, and its soft, spherical end — will allow you to discover whole new dimensions of pleasure. One last thing — its spherical tip moves inside you while you play.

  • Iroha Mikazuki and Iroha Minamo

    Svelte, soft and elegant — they insert easily and are perfect for beginners. Mikazuki is smooth, slim and shaped like a crescent moon. Minamo is thicker and wavy like the reflection of the moon shimmering on a lake. Both are designed for internal and external stimulation of every erogenous zone of your body.

The key differences between classic vibrators and other vibrators?

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the huge range of vibrators on the market. We're going to put you at ease. A vibrator is a sexy toy that vibrates. They can be big, small, discreet; penis or lipstick-shaped; designed to stimulate the clitoris or to insert into the vagina; and they might have different settings; but, remember — if they vibrate, they're vibrators. Meanwhile, classic or traditional vibrators have an elongated form specially designed for insertion.

Are some better than others? That all depends on you — your tastes and what you feel like at the time. But, remember — the sole purpose of a vibrator, whatever its shape, is to give you pleasure. Why wouldn't you give it a try? Treat yourself.


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