Vibrators for Couples

In this section, you'll find vibrators designed to be used with a partner, although many of them can also be enjoyed in your alone time. If you do use use these kinds of vibrators as a couple, you'll both be able to enjoy simultaneous stimulation. The woman's G-spot or clitoris will be stimulated (depending on the design), and the man will enjoy a sensation of greater tightness when entering the vagina. Would you like to add extra spice to sexual encounters with your partner? At EroticFeel, we have an entire section dedicated to vibrators for couples, so you can enjoy brand new sexual experiences.

We have a lot less sex than our parents. It’s sad, but it's true. This is backed-up by all the studies on the sexual habits of young people carried out in recent years. So, what's the matter with us? Maybe it's due to our viewing habits — Netflix and HBO have got a lot to answer for. Stop watching the sex scenes in ‘Game of Thrones’ and start putting them into practice! Studies have also found that the missionary position is still our favourite.. If we had one, this is where we'd insert an enormous, flashing ‘ALERT!’ sign. Monotony is like one of those friends that you offer to put up for a weekend, and ends up staying for four months — it must be avoided at all costs! If you still think that vibrators are just to be enjoyed when you're alone, then enter our couples vibrators section. Add a bit of spice to your encounters, and enjoy brand new sexual experiences.

Having a threesome is the most common sexual fantasy — and why not? Invite a vibrator into the bedroom, and we promise you — despite being three, you won't be a crowd!

What are vibrators for couples?

The entertainment industry for adults has never been so imaginative. Adult toys that will stimulate you both at the same time. How? Well, you’ll already have realised that the majority are made up of two parts — one for penetration, and the other for stimulation of the clitoris. So, he'll enjoy a sensation of incredible tightness around his penis, while she'll feel vibrations on her clitoris that'll take her to heaven and back. .

Versatility is just one of the strong points of these couples’ vibrators. Sex toys that you can use in a million different ways in company, but also when you're alone. You have all the functionalities of a typical vibrator — and more.

Here, they’ll be no boredom — just a marathon of orgasms that you’ll want to repeat again and again. But be warned — you also need to rehydrate and eat to live! We are not responsible for any fainting episodes!

What kinds of vibrators for couples are there?

The most innovative and prestigious brands saw a niche in the market that they had to exploit. Why don't you share those sensations that you feel when you're masturbating alone with your partner? Imagine that wonderful physical contact, the feel of skin, the smell of another person. Then, imagine all that combined with the creativity of a piece of technology that has arrived to enhance our sex lives. Think about the waves enveloping your clitoris, sucking it, while your partner penetrates you. That's just an example, but if your legs are already trembling — take a quick shower before reading on.

These are some of the sex toys to use as a couple that you’ll find in the online sex shop at EroticFeel:

This German brand has revolutionised female sexuality with their clitoral suckers. They’ve even helped women who'd never one, to experience an orgasm. Now, they've created a clitoral sucker to use with your partner. Waterproof and with two separate motors, it's completely simple to use. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples stimulates the woman's clitoris while the man inserts his penis below. If you add a water-based lubricant to the mix, you’ll invoke all the gods of pleasure.

A whale in your bed? Don't get scared! The Satisfyer Double Whale clitoral stimulator looks like an adorable blue whale. It has just one button to activate its 10 vibration settings — in the pool, the sea, the bath or jacuzzi. That's because this whale has the most fun underwater. We guarantee the wettest orgasms you've ever had.

What are we talking about? About three similar vibrators that’ll provide you with very different sensations. The Satisfyer Double Classic's totally ergonomic design and its peculiar U-shape give it a dual use — vaginal and clitoral. In addition to providing the man with a sensation of tightness during penetration, the slimmer part will massage her G-spot. On the other hand, the Satisfyer Double Plus is equipped with more powerful motors and a thicker part designed to be inserted into the vagina. Are you looking for a remote-controlled toy? Satisfyer Double Plus Remote has all the features of the aforementioned products plus a remote control which will make sex games with your partner even more thrilling. Now, the only thing you’ll have to decide is who’ll handle the remote.

  • Vibradores Satisfyer Endless Love and Satisfyer Endless Joy

If you want an even more versatile couples’ vibrator, go for the Satisfyer Endless Love or the Satisfyer Endless Joy clitoral stimulators. Both can be used in no less than 14 different ways. Nipples, clitoris or lips. G-spot, male perineum or glans. Individually or during penetration. The possibilities are endless.

Are you looking for a bit of sophistication? Then, Lelo is your brand. The Lelo Tiani 2 is a clitoral stimulator that you can use alone or with a partner. You’ll be able to control the vibrations during penetration by moving its control. You can also enjoy it without the remote control. The vibrations will have 100% intensity and nothing will get between you and your pleasure.

Which is the best vibrator for couples?

Well, it all depends on your tastes and needs. Everyone is different. Different colours, textures, materials, shapes — choose the one that best fits your needs.

Now you know the secret, remember one thing — you're not just a couple, you're also lovers. Why let the flame burn out? Turn up the temperature and play. The prize is waiting for you both.


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