Vibrating Eggs

Do want something discreet that's also a whole lot of fun? How about a toy you can take with you everywhere and use in public or private? Or a user-friendly, effective vibrator that can be used for solo as well as partner play? Your search is over — a vibrating egg is what you've been looking for. When you don’t know what to go for — go for sexy.  

You’re at a party, surrounded by friends. It was a spur of the moment decision just before leaving the house. An amazing idea. It had nothing to do with your outfit or your hairstyle — and everything to do with the toy you had placed between your legs. First, you're in control of the motions, the gentle vibrations that arouse exciting tingles. But then you decide to relinquish that control and immerse yourself in the conversations and the laughter. You have no idea when or how the next thrilling pulsation will arrive. "When you live your sexuality to the full, you break with social brutalisation," wrote the master of the erotic comic Milo Manara. There's no better tool for this purpose than a fabulous vibrating egg.

Why buy an egg vibrator?

Given the immense array of sex toys available, it's not always easy to make up your mind. But If you want something discreet that’s also a whole lot of fun; a toy you can take with you everywhere and use in public or private; a user-friendly, effective vibrator that can be used for solo as well as partner play? An egg vibrator is just what you’ve been looking for. They're a far cry from those oversized toys that only fit in your bedside table drawer. Also, forget about those complicated devices with a thousand buttons and functions for which you need a degree in mechanical engineering to understand the user manual. Vibrating eggs are very different from most toys, which can only be used in the privacy of your own bedroom. They provide incredible pleasure — but also a wealth of erotic possibilities.

Most of them are oval-shaped and come equipped with a handle for easy removal . Thismakes them perfect for both internal vaginal stimulation and for massaging external erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples, testicles and perineum. There are no limits nor boundaries. That said, any toy you use for anal play should incorporate a stopper in its design to prevent the toy from getting lost inside your bowels. You don’t really want to end your party in the hospital; as well as being a little embarrassing, it might also be quite uncomfortable!

Find the best egg vibrators at EroticFeel

Of course, we're sure you've already noticed, but we only have products form the very best brands at our online sex shop. These prestigious companies design and produce all of their sexual wellness products in accordance with the highest international standards and with hypoallergenic, body-safe, materials of the highest quality. Sexuality is a fundamental part of health and we only offer items that can enhance it and never compromise it.

You'll find the best vibrating eggs on the market at EroticFeel. They're silky-smmoth to the touch, easy to clean and designed using both medical-grade silicone and non-porous ABS. Here, you’ll find egg vibrators of all types and to suit all tastes. Many are designed to both enhance the pleasure you feel during sex and train your pelvic floor. Vibrating eggs, like Kegel balls, are ideal for strengthening and rejuvenating your vaginal muscles. When you insert yours into your vagina, your muscles will contract, allowing you to perform Kegel exercises much more comfortably and effectively.

What kinds of egg vibrators are out there?

As we mentioned before, you'll find vibrating eggs for all preferences at EroticFeel:

Few toys offer so much for so little — maximum power and minimum size.


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