Vibrators for Men

All the masturbators you'll find below have one thing in common — they can take you to seventh heaven at the push of a button. The male masturbation industry is advancing at a furious pace — the products you'll find below are living proof of it. In many cases, these vibrating masturbators will provide you with several different vibration modes. For others, the brand is convinced that you’ll enjoy the best sexual experience possible with one unique setting. Cock rings, masturbators...are you ready? Here, you'll find an extensive range of male vibrators.

Dare to explore the wonderful world of male vibrators with the help of the EroticFeel online sex shop. Yes, you've been hearing about vibrators for years, and you've always associated them with female pleasure. However, the arrival of new technology has brought equality of the sexes in this area too. In this section, you'll find everything you need to get to heaven without ever leaving your bedroom.

What kinds of men's vibrators are there?

Here, we include any male masturbator or sex toy that has a vibrating feature. But as you'll see, there are as many different models as personal preferences.

  • Satisfyer Men Vibration

    With 14 different vibration settings, Satisfyer made a big splash in the world of men's vibrators. Made of the highest-quality, soft and hypoallergenic silicone, it quickly adapts to your body temperature. The realistic sensations it provides are completely unparalleled — reminding you of the very best oral sex.

  • Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration

    What makes this men's vibrator unique is its warming effect. You’ll never have to go back to masturbating with cold products or toys. The Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration, with its 70 different vibration modes, superbly emulates bodily contact, and provides an incredible sensation of oral and vaginal sex.

  • Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration

    Tenga has decided to revolutionize its successful Flip masturbator series by giving their products added vibration. The result? The Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration. Two vibrating cores have been placed inside, under the characteristic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sleeve. One of these cores is found in the middle, while the other is at the top of the masturbator. Not only does this strategic placement enable direct stimulation of two special spots, it also ensures that vibrations are felt along the length and width of the masturbator

  • Tenga Flip Zero Vibration Black

    Alright You've tried the Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration, and you liked it. But you're searching for even stronger sensations. Your search is over. Made with rigid materials and an internal structure featuring intricate details — that's how it's introduced by Tenga. This new Tenga vibrator is on a whole new level. Navigate through five different settings at the touch of a button. First, enjoy smooth, steady vibration; then, skip to high-intensity vibration mode. Next, you have random mode which surprises you by playing with the power and location of the vibrations. There's pulse mode, which delivers short, sharp bursts of energy. Finally, alternating mode switches vibrations between the two cores.

  • Satisfyer Rings Plus Vibration 1 Cock Ring

    Manufactured with ultra-flexible, medical grade silicone, this vibrating cock ring adapts to any penis — regardless of size. Designed to be placed at the base, it retains blood flow — providing more intense and long-lasting erections. But there's more! With its 10 different vibration settings, wear the ring so its longer part is facing downwards to stimulate your testicles and perineum. Turn it the other way around and place it over her clitoris so you can moan with pleasure together.

  • Satisfyer Rings Plus Vibration 2 Cock Ring

    This vibrating cock ring is smaller and more manageable than Vibration 1. It’s got 10 different modes, so that you can enjoy the experience to the maximum — either alone or with a partner. Its one size fits all, adapting comfortably to any penis; and it's also waterproof.

  • Masturbador Satisfyer Men Wand

    The latest male vibrator from Satisfyer will take you to paradise on its wings of pleasure. It's made up of two flexible wings that completely surround your penis while you move it up and down. It includes 10 vibration settings combined with 5 different intensities, so that experience is much more pleasurable.

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