Miss Vivien

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder — look at yourself more, pamper yourself more. There's nothing as powerfully sexy as feeling sexy. Miss Vivien offers you a range of luxury sexual cosmetics that will accompany you before, during and after your most intense encounters. A brand created by a woman for women.

“It costs a lot to be authentic, ma'am. And one can't be stingy with these things because the more you resemble what you dream of being, the more authentic you are”, says the wonderful Agrado in the Pedro Almodovar film ‘All about my mother’. It's undeniably clear that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, look at yourself more, pamper yourself more — because there's nothing as powerfully sexy as feeling sexy. We've not invented anything. Long ago, Cleopatra bathed herself with donkey milk and smeared her genitals with a honey and almond paste that drove her lovers crazy. Later on, cosmetics were invented with mixed results. Skin-whitening lead powders known as Spirits of Saturn were popular with those that craved that 'dead look' for centuries. Arsenic tablets were widely marketed in the 19th century as a way of eliminating spots and freckles. Even drinking radium water was proposed as a way to bring back youth and vitality (very bad idea). The fact is that wanting to look and feel at our best is only natural. Thankfully, today we have safe and reliable cosmetics that contribute to our intimate well-being (without lead or radium of course!). Making you feel authentic, attractive, magnetic, at ease — this is our goal at EroticFeel. We want to spread this message to women everywhere — because Miss Vivien is a luxury sexual cosmetics brand created by a woman for women.

Viviana Torres is based in Barcelona and has extensive experience in the world of cosmetics and luxury perfumes. This exclusive range of products, designed in collaboration with a team of gynaecology experts, reflects her firm commitment to quality and luxury. The brand's products could just as easily be found in pharmacies as in sex shops. They combine the quality and reliability of medical-grade products with the playfulness and innovation that epitomizes the erotic industry. The result is top-quality products that stand out for their originality and class.

One of their secrets: spring water from Salies-de-Béarn

The thermal waters of the French town of Salies-de-Béarn, known for their therapeutic properties, have been chosen by Torres to formulate all Miss Vivien products.. It was made famous in the 19th century by Dr. Jean-Brice Coustalé de Larroque, physician to Emperor Napoleon III, who helped to attract a wealthy Parisian clientele to the area. Today, the water originating from these hot springs continues to be a highly valued and widely used product for therapeutic treatments. This is thanks to its richness in minerals and trace-elements, and its naturally salinity. This makes it ideal for intimate areas and for sensitive skin prone to irritation and redness.

Miss Vivien's intimate lubricants can be found in a whole range of exquisite flavours — from the sensual vanilla in their 50ml intimate lubricant; to the single-dose sachets with bold flavours like raspberry, chocolate, mint, tangerine, melon, coffee cream or strawberries and cream. They're all water-based, have a light texture and are formulated with concentrated Salies-de-Béarn thermal water. Gynecologically and dermatologically tested, they're ideal for spicing up oral sex and making your sexual relations more comfortable and pleasurable.

Massage Gel with Diamond Powder

Just as your read it. This is perhaps the most eye-catching product of all Miss Vivien's collection and, of course — the creator's favourite one. The idea is to dedicate more time to ourselves and to our partners. We need to make the most of our alone time, nurture eroticism, reconnect and, of course — feel more attractive and more desired. These exclusive products have captivated us. With diamond powder and gold particles that will tone, embellish and illuminate your skin, this cookies and cream scented gel is perfect for a private party. And don't worry — neither the diamond dust nor the golden particles are absorbed by the skin. Their effect on it is purely aesthetic. Let your partner slowly rediscover every single inch of your body.

Ritual Miss Vivien

Unlike other similar brands, Miss Vivien does not exclusively focus on the moment of sexual intercourse. If you allow her, she will accompany you before, during and after your most intense encounters. The diamond powder massage gel is the ultimate product for luxury foreplay. Continue the adventure with the concentrated Salies-de-Béarn thermal water-based intimate lubricant. Regenerate and soothe your skin after the passion with the restorative intimate oil made up of organic aloe vera, rosehip oil and calendula. In the blink of an eye, you'll be as good as new.

Smooth and blemish-free buttocks with Miss Vivien exfoliating cream

If you care for your face, why wouldn't you do the same for your derrière? It's no excuse that you don't look at it in the mirror every day. Hormonal changes make the skin in the buttock area also prone to spots and blemishes. This creamwith burdock extract, a plant known for its dermopurifying properties, provides an exfoliating effect that will leave your bum cheeks uniformly beautiful to the eye and extremely silky to the touch. One application twice a week is sufficient. Make sure you always use circular movements to promote blood circulation.

Paraben-free and suitable for vegans

The brand’s philosophy is very clear. All Miss Vivien products are paraben and gluten free, and suitable for vegans. None of them contain ingredients of animal origin or have been tested on animals. The aromas used are hypoallergenic, and the creams, gels and lubricants have been gynaecologically dermatologically tested. This ensures absolute respect for the natural pH balance of your most intimate area. Miss Vivien cares for your physical and sexual health —because she knows perfectly well that the two go hand in hand.


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