Rocks-Off isn't only a Rolling Stones song, it’s also the leading designer and manufacturer of sex toys in the UK. Rampant rabbits, prostate massagers, butt plugs, g-spot vibrators, and most of all — bullet vibrators. With a retrofuturist look very much in line with the steampunk movement, the brand is sure about one thing in particular — your pleasure is their passion.

Introducing a whole new world of neon bullet vibrators, retro-futuristic and post-apocalyptic air vibrators — all very much in line with the steampunk movement. Amazing butt plugs that seem to have been forged in Mordor’s very own fire mountain. Fun, colourful toys in the purest Mondrian style, or massagers to free the beatnik that you hold inside — real freedom starts with sexual freedom. The British brand Rocks-Off, founded in 2003, has become in less than two decades the leading manufacturer and designer of sex toys in the United Kingdom. Its secret? Designs that have made a difference and, of course, materials that meet the highest quality standards. Each product comes with a unique registration number that provides suppliers and customers with a complete product satisfaction guarantee.

Rocks-Off is not only a Rolling Stones song, it’s also Europe's number one supplier of own-branded and branded products with over six million RO-80 mm bullet vibrators sold to date. Bullets have turned out to be one of the company's greats strengths. They're elegant and sophisticated, fun, colourful, bright, neon, with illustrations and prints, simple and baroque — a thousand and one different designs so that you can stimulate your vagina, nipples and clitoris in the most effective, discreet and stylish way possible. Carry it in your bag, in your hand luggage, in your pocket, all of them (unless otherwise indicated) are 100% waterproof. Enjoy them in any place and at any time. You only have to choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs; but be warned, they have such a huge selection that it won't be an easy decision to make!

Your pleasure is our passion

Under the slogan 'Your pleasure is our passion', the British brand has succeeded in a very competitive market. They firmly believe that the question shouldn't be limited to “How many times can you have an orgasm?” It’s also important how you have the orgasm. Think of it this way... When you go to buy a t-shirt, the size is not the only important thing; so is the design, the colour, the material, where it was made, and the price. So, Rocks-Off have made and launched different product lines for different ways to experience desire. Adventurers who want to conquer undiscovered lands, sophisticates who want to bring an extra dose of refinement to the bedroom, minimalists who make the slogan 'less is more' their own, or couples who want to share more than just a bowl of popcorn.

Toys for men, for women and for couples

In recent years, we’ve not only been spectators, but also protagonists of many revolutions. But maybe one of the most significant has been the mental revolution. Millions of people have overcome taboos, prejudices and fears. We have stopped considering sex toys as something sordid, or worse still — associated with a failed sex life. Now, fewer and fewer of us feel intimidated. The industry has also contributed to this change by changing the look, broadening the selection and improving the quality of their products. Sex shops are no longer the domain of men; in fact, the latest market studies demonstrate that 80% of purchases are now made by women. Is it magic? No. The brands have got their acts together, and Rocks-Off is a great example of this.

The British company have won a whole host of national and international awards for their innovative designs. They have also attracted a legion of fans who eagerly await the release of each new product. Rampant rabbits, clitoral stimulators, g-spot vibrators, butt plugs, prostate massagers, male masturbators, cock rings — a real orgasmic fantasy world at your fingertips.

The materials used in their products

Rocks-Off products are made of medical grade silicone, which is hypo-allergenic, odourless and suitable for use with all types of lubricant (including silicone-based lube). For the main parts of their products, they use ABS — a high-quality, resistant and odourless plastic. All articles are phthalate-free and are tested for compliance with EC requirements.

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