Tenga has turned the world of male masturbation upside down. Its toys, original, innovative, and very pleasurable, have garnered millions of fans worldwide. However, we were already missing being able to use some of them more than once to turn them into tireless battle companions. But the Japanese brand heard the pleas and created the Tenga Air-Tech range. Eight models with different textures and degrees of firmness but with two common features: an hourglass shape that facilitates the grip, and an Air Flow structure that allows air to escape during penetration, creating a vacuum effect that will drive you crazy. Discover all Tenga Air-Tech models here and choose the one that suits you best.

For gentle stimulation, for lovers of strong and hard sensations, for larger penises, with a spiral texture, with waves, or so you can regulate the pressure and tightness yourself - as many options as different tastes. The best part? They are all reusable, you can enjoy your Tenga Air Tech up to 70 times! All you have to do is wash it before and after each use.

Get your Tenga Air Tech and let the party begin. Remove the packaging protecting the polypropylene case, pull off the lid covering the base to open the masturbator, apply lubricant generously, and peel off the sticker covering the hole at the top. All set? Well, now you can go on by yourself. Pure magic from Tenga.

Why Buy a Tenga Air-Tech?

It's time to change your masturbation style, don't you think? I mean, your masterful technique is great, you know that for sure (otherwise, you wouldn't keep resorting to it every time you want to experience some sexual pleasure), but in life, it's either renew or die, at least in terms of sex. We recommend starting with the Tenga Air-Tech, any model from their series will be perfect to venture into the world of sex toys.

Don't worry, it won't be as drastic a change as you think, Tenga Air-Tech is used manually. This way, you can maintain the essence of your classic masturbation but without giving up on new sensations that only a toy can provide you, whether it's a suction effect, different textures that will make each masturbation feel different from the previous one, various levels of firmness... Come on, you and I both know you're already thinking about which Tenga Air-Tech model to try.

By the way! Remember that Tenga Air-Tech is reusable, so if you enjoyed the experience, repeat it as many times as you want!


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