Just when we thought the Japanese brand couldn't surprise us anymore, they launched their Tenga Flip series. And who would say no to these wonders? Here you can find all the Tenga Flip models from the Japanese company. Reusable, with or without vibration, with different levels of rigidity and strength, and with an exclusive easy-to-open opening, these male masturbators fold and unfold to facilitate the application of lubricant and toy cleaning.

As usual with their products, each Tenga Flip offers unique and different sensations thanks to their different textures and firmness. You can choose between the Flip Zero, Flip Hole, or Flip Orb. Perhaps the most famous is the Tenga Flip Hole. Open it with its sliding side arms and adjust the pressure with its three external buttons in the area of the penis you prefer to stimulate at any given moment - the base, the center, or the glans. As you insert it, the penis will encounter small beads, relief edges for a more defined stimulation, two soft parts that provide more grip, and waves of intense stimulation.

Tenga recommends using their Hole Lotion lubricant for a memorable experience. Discover all the Tenga Flip series models and remember that, although you already know how to do it very well on your own, everything can be improved, always. What are you waiting for to switch to Tenga?

Why Buy a Tenga Flip Masturbator?

We don't need many reasons to get a Tenga Flip, but perhaps you're a bit indecisive. If so, we recommend not overthinking things. Life goes by, and pleasure not taken advantage of is pleasure lost... The decision is yours, consider yourself warned. When a Tenga Flip crosses your path, don't think twice, buy it, your penis and you will thank you.

Advantages of a Tenga Flip? Infinite, you'll see. They are reusable, which is important to consider if you don't want your bank account to suffer the ravages of constant expenses due to your whims, or if you don't want to keep buying a masturbator every time you want to masturbate. With a Tenga Flip, you can pleasure yourself whenever you want. There are Tenga Flips with vibration and without vibration, so you can choose yours according to your taste. And as you already know, Tenga Flips fold and unfold to facilitate their use and cleaning. Additionally, if you don't want to give up your masterful technique, you should know that you can also simulate the classic manual stimulation, exerting pressure with your hands on the toy to control where you want to focus it. Just make sure to check this feature at the time of purchase, remember that there are many types of Tenga Flips and not all have the same functionalities. But what we can assure you is that, whatever your preferences, you will surely find a suitable Tenga Flip for you.

Come on, renew yourself, leave the traditional technique behind, and switch to Tenga Flip masturbators! You won't regret it.


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