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Having a large penis can have its drawbacks. Obviously, you have to feel comfortable during sex in order to truly enjoy it. LELO Hex Respect XL are specially designed for those men who have difficulty finding condoms that fit them comfortably. Made of natural latex and featuring technology that has revolutionised the world of condoms, once you try them — you'll never want anything else. Do you want to bet on it? The Swedish luxury brand LELO, leaders in the adult toy industry, turned their attention to condoms. And what did they see? Well, they noticed that an essential public health product that remains the only effective tool for preventing the spread of sexually transmitted diseases had not really evolved much since the crude models of the early twentieth century. Discomfort, breakages, slippages or reduced sensitivity are among the main issues that couples often complain about.

With a patented, thinner and stronger hexagonal structure, LELO has set out to solve these problems so that sex is what it should be — unadulterated pleasure. 350 symmetrical and interconnected hexagons allow the transmission of body heat to increase sensitivity and the feeling of contact.

Why is LELO Hex Respect XL for you?

  • With a nominal width of 58 millimetres and 10 percent longer than Hex Original, Hex Respect condoms are among the largest available on the market.
  • Ultra-fine: they're 0.045 millimetres in thickness and 195 millimetres in length (15 millimetres more than the originals).
  • This model provides extra comfort and greater depth for men with larger penises.
  • Made with natural latex.
  • Its structure of interconnected and symmetrical hexagons combine finesse and strength. Never again will you be forced to choose between pleasure and protection.
  • Its ultra-thin cells allow the transfer of body heat to enhance your sensations.
  • As its hexagonal texture is on the inside, it improves grip and reduces slippage during sex.
  • Lightly lubricated for greater comfort.
  • More natural feeling and greater connection with your partner.
  • Easy to open — the wrapper does not slip and the condom rolls out easily.
  • More elastic and flexible — adapting perfectly to the size and shape of your penis.

With luxury packaging, LELO Hex Respect XL condoms are stronger, thinner, larger and more comfortable. Do you like sex? Well, they're thinking of you. Don't make the pleasure wait any longer...

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