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Discreet policy

At EroticFeel we know that not everyone is as opened to sexuality as we are. That’s why, we are absolutely discreet with our clients, so your secret is safe. We think you may want to know the different measures taken to guarantee the absolute discretion of your purchase.

Discreet Shipment

Obviously, the key point is that the shipments are absolutely anonymous.

All our boxes are brown kraft and don’t contain any distinctive sign of our shop. Neither does the seal, which is neutral. The return address does not contain the word “EroticFeel” , but eCommProjects instead, that is, the parent company to which we belong. This parent company does not only have this sex shop but multiple online shops too (technology products, stationery, computer accessories, etc.). This means that no one will know the content of your package.

That’s why the transport companies won’t know anything either. Even if they know where they come from, they can’t know if the merchandise that leaves our storehouses is erotic products or any other product that we sell in our shops.

Camouflaged payment

On the charge of your bank or PayPal account EroticFeel won't appear, but eCommProjects will (our parent company).

Therefore, your purchase can be from any of the only shops we manage. Once again, no one will know what you bought.

Professional employees

Our staff will keep your secret.

They will never say who buys and what buys. For the Erotic Feel team, the discretion with our clients is of vital importance. Of course, all of them has signed a confidentiality clause with which they comply with the GDPR and, therefore, they cannot disclose any kind of information.