Discreet Purchases and Shipments

At EroticFeel we appreciate that not everyone is as open-minded about sex as you and we are. That's why we are so discreet when it comes to your purchases and deliveries — your secret is more than safe with us. Read on f you'd like to know about the steps we take to guarantee total confidentiality when you purchase from us. 

Discreet Shipments

It goes without saying that all orders from our shop are shipped completely anonymously.

Our boxes are made of plain, kraft brown cardboard and have a neutral seal. Neither the box nor the seal including any shop branding and the return address on the label includes the name of our parent company 'eCommProjects' instead of 'EroticFeel'. and do not feature any branding. Neither does the seal, which is neutral in colour. eCommProjects does not only comprise of EroticFeel, it is also the parent company for shops that deal in stationery, printer supplies and computer accessories.  So nobody will be able to guess what's in your package! 

Likewise, the shipping companies we work with won't be able to find out what's inside your package either. They may identify the warehouse the goods have left from for tracking purposes, but they cannot determine whether the goods are from EroticFeel or from any of our other shops that use the same warehouse. 

Confidential payments

eCommProjects rather than EroticFeel will appear on your bank statement or PayPal account.

So, your purchase could be from any of the online shops we manage. Again no one will know what you bought.

Professional employees

Our staff will always keep your secret. 

They will never disclose to a third party who buys from us and what they buy. Our team at EroticFeel regard the discretion of our customers to be of paramount importance. Of course, they have all signed a confidentiality and data protection agreement and are forbidden from disclosing any such information.