Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash

Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash Masturbator

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The Flip Orb Orange Crash is the attractive masturbator from Tenga that will take you to another dimension of pleasure. The Japanese company, well-known in the world of male masturbation, has decided to readjust its previous creations so you can continue experimenting incredible sensations. On this occasion, under the guise of a white and orange hourglass made in ABS, Tenga has developed a masturbator with an internal structure based on the strategic placement of several rows of bounding orbs in polycarbonate. This, encased in soft elastomer with enveloping nubs, will create a universe of contrasts that will surprise you.

Another difference of the Flip Orb Orange Crash, in comparison with other Tenga products, is the way the lube should be applied. Typically, it would suffice to introduce the lube through the insertion point, but in the case of these masturbators it is essential to follow a particular procedure so you can be sure that you have used enough lube. The lube shortage may cause you some discomfort and at EroticFeel we are looking for your full satisfaction at all times.

That’s why we are going to explain all the steps you need to follow in order to use your Tenga Flip Orb Orange Crash masturbator correctly:

  • First of all, remove the cap located at the insertion point.
  • Open the masturbator.
  • Fully apply water-based lube in both halves, covering every detail of the internal texture of your Flip Orb Orange Crash. Tenga recommends the use of Hole Lotion Real, so the masturbator comes with a few samples of this lubricant.
  • Close the masturbator.
  • Lubricate the insertion point.
  • Before introducing the penis, place the cap again to entirely close the product and prevent any leaking.

By the way, did you know that the Flip Orb Orange Crash are reusable? With a proper cleaning and maintenance, they can survive countless playing sessions. Each time you are finished, open the masturbator, the same way you did it to lubricate it, and clean it with warm water and mild soap. Once it is clean, place it opened over the cap and let it dry. Make sure it is completely dry, close it, place the cap and store it in a dry and dark place.

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