Satisfyer Haute Couture

Satisfyer Haute Couture Clitoral Sucker

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Did you think your clit sucker was unbeatable? If you're lucky enough to own one, you may well think that your Satisfyer has it all. We'd just like to say that you're mistaken! Satisfyer's Haute Couture has arrived to inform you that there's always room for improvement.

Its elongated design resembles a joystick (as requested by Satisfyer customers) and its colour may remind you of the Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration — one of Satisfyer's star products. The Satisfyer Haute Couture also incorporates Air Pulse Plus Vibration technology which allows it to deliver a wide range of programmes, rhythms and sensations for tailor-made stimulation. However, the Satisfyer Haute Couture will amaze you — both on the outside and on the inside:

  • Exterior: this clit-sucker combines a genuine black leather trim on the front with a white satin finish on the back. What's more, between these two sections, you'll find elegant metal details for your luxurious pleasure.
  • Interior: it features more powerful motors and an enhanced whisper mode.

The best features of the Satisfyer Haute Couture

Satisfyer does not relinquish what is already considered its hallmark — a soft head made of soft medical-grade silicone that completely surrounds your clitoris and will take you to seventh heaven. Pressure waves emanate from this unique structure, providing incredible clitoral stimulation without ever making direct contact. It features 11 suction programmes, making it a leading expert in intense and explosive orgasms. In addition, your Satisfyer Haute Couture comes with a second motor — adding a further 10 different vibration programmes. The two motors are activated using two different buttons. So, get stimulation through vibrations or pressure waves separately — or experience them both at the same time for a complete orgasmic experience.

Although it boasts two motors, Satisfyer Haute Couture is by no means difficult to use.  On the contrary! It's completely user-friendly: the intensity of the pressure waves can be controlled very easily with the push of a button. You can slowly build up the stimulation or start with your favourite programme straight away. It boasts an ergonomic design that fits snugly in your hand and has a soft, velvety feel.

Finally, for an even more intense experience, we recommend that you apply lubricant to the head. If you're tempted by this, the lubricant must be water-based and never silicone — as this could damage the device.

You'll also find a magnetic charger cable in the Satisfyer Haute Couture's box. One end has a USB connector while the other has two magnetic panels that will attach to your Satisfyer to provide fast and efficient charging.

With its genuine leather finish and metallic details, the best clitoral suction technology has now been combined with real luxury. Don't wait any longer to enjoy your Satisfyer Haute Couture.

Ref.: 1700214

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Satisfyer Haute Couture is a luxury clitoral sucker. It boasts genuine leather finishes, elegant metal details and a white satin body. It features a soft head made of medical-grade silicone that surrounds your clitoris and it comes with 11 different intensities.

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