Sex Essentials

So, you’ve found your way here because you love sex. Ribbed condoms, massage gels, and flavoured lubricants are just some of the products that await you. As you never know how a night's going to end, it’s best to be prepared for anything — right? At EroticFeel, you’ll find all the sex essentials you’ll ever need at unbeatable prices. If you're looking for a little extra in your sexual relations—this section is for you.

Essentials. Essentials have never been so exciting. Perhaps in the past, when discussing the essentials, you were referring to a pair of trusty jeans or that white T-shirt that never fails you. But the essentials for us is something quite different. After visiting our essentials section at EroticFeel sex shop — your understanding of this word will change forever..

Perhaps you think that lubricants are not for you. Or maybe you prefer more classic-style condoms; the ones that have been around forever (which we also have available, by the way). Or perhaps you think that generic hygiene products are suitable for your private parts. Sorry to break it to you — but you're mistaken. Give us the chance demonstrate how using our products will completely change your approach to sex. You can find a wide variety of products available in our sex shop EroticFeel caters to all tastes. Because we know that there are a myriad of ways to understand sex.

So what are sex essentials?

Sex essentials, as its name indicates, are the basic products that we need to have a full and enjoyable sex life. What’s more, due to them being basic commodities, we can find some of these products in the supermarket. Who hasn’t seen condoms in the local supermarket? Have you ever bought a lubricant in a pharmacy? Well, anyway. Although these products can appear in many different places, you’ll find a much wider selection for all tastes and needs at EroticFeel. Because a lubricant with a warming effect is not the same as one with a cooling effect. Because the properties of a water-based lubricant are incredibly different to those of a silicone-based one. Because perhaps you’re allergic to latex and you need a suitable condom. Or perhaps because you're tired of using pads and tampons and you feel like taking the leap to the menstrual cap — a cheaper, greener and more sustainable alternative for controlling your blood flow. Or maybe for a number of reasons that we’ll never know, and perhaps you don't even know yet.

What kind of sex essentials can you find at EroticFeel?

You can find a huge number of sex essentials at EroticFeel, and they’ll give you a few ideas about new ways to enjoy sex. Would you like to know about everything we have on offer? Take a pencil and paper — and let's begin!

  • Condoms: condoms are quite possibly the sex essential par excellence. Their dual function has made them an indispensable part of sexual relations — whether oral, vaginal or anal. As you know, condoms both help prevent the spread of STDs/STIs, and are one of the most commonly used contraceptives. At EroticFeel, we want you to have better and more satisfying sex. That's why we have such a huge choice of condoms in our online sex shop . You can find classic condoms — the original ones with no dots, ribs, scents or flavours. You can also enjoy our ultra fine condoms — which provide extra sensitivity during sex. XL condoms are ideal for men lucky enough to be above the average in that department; and our delayed effect condoms will become your new best friends if you want to keep going for longer. We also have ribbed and dotted condoms to maximise pleasure; and flavoured condoms to make oral sex even more enjoyable. At EroticFeel, we want you to enjoy your sexual encounters as much as possible — and as safely as possible.
  • Lubricants: if you've already tried a lubricant, you’ll know full well how it can improve your sex life—both in sexual relations with a partner as well as during those moments of solo play. If you've not tried it because you don't think it's for you — let us change your mind. Using lube makes any type of sexual encounter infinitely better. But, of course — not every lubricant suits everyone. Or at least, it depends on your own personal needs. Let us explain...! If, besides enjoying a smoother ride when it comes to your sexual relations, you also love a sensual massage — check out our range of dedicated massage gels. If you want to raise the temperature during sex, or bring it down — we've got the perfect lubricants for you. If you love oral sex, we also have flavoured lubricants. If you opt for anal sex, then look no further than our dedicated bum love range. We even have lubricants to use exclusively with your male masturbators. What are you waiting for?
  • Romantic candles: is a romantic evening on the cards? If you’ve not planned anything — maybe you should. Montony is the biggest killer of a relationship. At EroticFeel, we propose a plan with candles, but not just any old candles. These candles have hot wax that turns into a massage oil that you can rub all over your lover’s body. Would you like to hear the full plan?
  • Intimate hygiene: your intimate hygiene should be a priority. A top priority. And if it isn't that case — then it should be. Proper intimate hygiene is absolutely essential to avoid developing or catching any kind of infection. That's why we offer a wide selection of intimate hygiene products in the essentials section at EroticFeel. You’ll find special soaps, gels and the famous menstrual cup — amongst many others. If month after month, you worry about the amount of waste you produce, you wonder why tampons are such a brilliant white colour, or you resent having to spend so much money on a sanitary product.—then the menstrual cup is for you. It's that easy. There's research that shows that the first menstrual cup dates back to 1867. If this is true, it’s absolutely unbelievable that we'd not heard about it before — don't you think? Leaving aside the historical studies— the menstrual cup is here to stay. The best thing of all is that there are so many different menstrual cups to choose from —because we all have our different needs. Now, there are a couple of things that they all have in common—and these will surely change your life! Firstly, they can be used for up to 12 hours a day; and secondly, they last for about 10 years—you just need to boil them for 20 minutes each month. Incredible, isn't it?
  • FeeltheErotic: not that we think we're Nostradamus — far from it. However, at EroticFeel we predict that you'll commit some very impure acts, and what's more — you'll thoroughly enjoy them. At EroticFeel we want everyone to experience their sexuality as they wish, to be able to talk about it freely and to enjoy it without censure or guilt. For that reason, and to do away with the confederacy of dunces, EroticFeel are launching their new collection — FeeltheErotic. Tote bags, mugs, notebooks — an entire collection designed exclusively by us. From now on, you can tell the whole world what kind of person you are, and how you want to live your life.

And remember — nobody should feel embarrassed about buying their sex essentials online. But, if you're the sheepish type — don't worry! We have a marvellous policy of complete discretion. Your package will arrive in completely neutral packaging and nobody will have slightest idea of what it contains. What's more, the name EroticFeel will not appear anywhere on your bill. Don't wait any longer to make your first purchase!