Different sizes, colours, shapes, and materials but all of them have something in common—they don't vibrate. At EroticFeel, we know that there is a vast world of dildos out there and so many different kinds. That's why we encourage you to pick the one that's best adapted to your tastes so that you can turn your fantasies into reality.

What do you know about dildos? If you're one of those people that believe that only women can use and enjoy dildos—then you're mistaken. Dildos are phallic-shaped objects (generally), and they don’t have a vibration mechanism. They can be of different shapes and materials, and are used to generate stimulation by being introduced into the vagina or anus . They are commonly used by both men and women. Dildo is a peculiar word, isn't it? It almost sounds like an Italian word, and for a long time that was thought to be the case. However, it's now widely agreed to have been originally used as a euphemism for a penis in 16th and 17th century England.

Nevertheless, dildos have been used for solo stimulation and as a compliment in sexual relations for much longer than that. Some prehistoric double-headed dildos have been discovered which date anywhere from 13-19,000 years ago! The first dildos were made of stone, tar, wood, limestone, or even ivory! These materials had to be malleable enough to be shaped into penises, but firm enough to be used as penetrative sex toys. Their forms, designs and the materials they are made from has evolved over the centuries, but their principal function has never changed—to give pleasure.

Despite their incredibly simple design, dildos for men as well as dildos for women can give their users a level of pleasure they’ve never experienced before. As one wise person once said; “We are only limited by our imagination”, and if you use yours then we assure you—you’re never going to want to separate from your dildo.

Quality dildos for men

Are you thinking of buying a men's dildo? If so, why don’t you buy the highest-quality men’s dildo from our online adult store? At EroticFeel we have a catalogue of butt plugs made up of plugs of different colours manufactured with medical grade hypoallergenic silicone. All dildos from our online sex shop are silky and smooth to the touch. Add to this their great flexibility and it makes them very easy to slide into the anus.

Male excitement and pleasure through the back door—doesn't it sound great? Let your imagination run wild and get yourself one of our men's dildos. We assure you that you won’t regret it.

The best quality dildos for women

The history of dildos has evolved greatly since its beginnings In fact, traces dating back to the the year 23,000 BC were found in the Hohle Fels cave (Ulm, Germany). Dildos have also appeared in excavations of great ancient civilisations, like Greece or Egypt.

Evidently, throughout history dildos have evolved a great deal. Nowadays, we can safely say that there arehigh-quality women’s dildos made with scientifically-tested materials and specially treated for contact with the most intimate part of a woman's skin . That’s whywe have the highest-quality women's dildos at EroticFeel, and at unbeatable prices. So don't wait any longer to buy your dildo!

Types of dildos

Below you’ll find all of the dildos available at EroticFeel:

  • Suction cup dildos: to make your experience easier, here arethe best suction cup dildos on the market. A surprisingly versatile adult toy. It couldn't be simpler to use—you just need somewhere to stick it and good lube. The rest is up to you. Suction cup dildos can be easily attached to any flat, smooth surface—the headboard of a bed, a mirror, a countertop, a piece of furniture... Wood or tile floors are the best optons—but the possibilites are endless! How about some some wet sex? Try out your new toy under the water. Its base will stick in the bath or shower without any problems. For men, for women, for anal or vaginal penetration; to enjoy alone or with a partner; or to use with a harness—there are (almost) an infinite number of possibilities!
  • Anal dildos: neither dirty, nor immoral, nor sinful—anal penetration and stimulation is as old as human relationships. And, yes— it extends far beyond homosexual relations The anus, for both men and women has an abundance of nerve-endings and—treating it well can produce some very pleasant sensations. Now you’ll discover that, whether you're an experienced lover or a beginner whose eager to learn—all you need is the right dildo and a good lubricant. Take your time, and think about the type of material you want your new dildo to be made of (silicone, glass, metal); its size (length and girth), and its colour. Is it your first time? Are you going to use it with a partner? Weigh up all the options and compare. All that remains is to banish those taboos—open your mind and relax your body. A world of pleasure awaits you...
  • Dildos for women: Yes! There are also dildos exclusively for women. What's more, nowadays, when a woman mentions that she has a dildo on her bedside table—she shouldn’t expect any negative reactions. A great step in the right direction! Women's dildos can be enjoyed alone or with a partner— because you make the rules. There are thousands of dildos for women of all shapes, colours and sizes. But all of them have something in common—they don't vibrate. There are those of great dimensions for the daredevils amongst us; and more standard sizes for the more reserved. Both types are available in thousands of colours, realistic shapes,etc.— all you can imagine and much more!
  • Dildos for menbecause men also have the right to enjoy their sexuality without rules or taboos. We must put an end to the social stigma concerning dildos for men. A man using an anal dildo for stimulation and pleasure,should be seen by everyone as something completely healthy and normal. A guy that doesn’t own a dildo doesn't know what he's missing. Don’t wait to try an anal dildo and experience sensations that you’ve never experienced before.
  • Realistic dildos: why buy a small and discreet vibrator when what you really want is a real penis? Powerful. Big. Strong. Realistic dildos imitate the appearance and feel of a real penis. Far removed from the impossible shapes and textures of others, these dildos faithfully reproduce the features and characteristics of an erect, throbbing cock. Latex and phthalate-free to avoid allergic reactions—every vein and every detail on the head and shaft has been recreated to produce a strong, powerful erection. We have a wide range of sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 inches. Compare and choose. This all depends on your tastes and needs.
  • Giant dildos: do you like to enjoy your body and look for pleasure in the small and also—the big things in life? You've found the right place. At EroticFeel, we know well that everyone has their own tastes and that all are equally valid. This is for you—you crave to feel the fullness of an immense dildo penetrating you; you favour abundance in every way, and you laugh every time someone says, “size doesn't matter”. This selection will make your mouth water. From 7, to 8, to 9 to 10 inches... Relax because something big awaits you.
  • G-spot dildos: made of different materials (silicone, glass, steel), with different textures, in different colours and sizes. All G-spot dildos have a characteristic curve at the tip. This curve is reminiscent of some fingers doing a 'come here' motion and will directly stimulate the front wall of your vagina. From the most realistic ones, to those that resemble seahorses — their curved tips skilfully massage that special region of rough and slightly protruding tissue that contains a complex network of nerve endings. Just browse our catalogue and choose the model you like best — it'll be the best purchase you'll ever make. That's a promise.
  • Glass dildos: for those who aren't satisfied with just anything. It's for those who demand pleasure from the most unique and exclusive ‘objets d'art’ — glass dildos. Firm and smooth — they deliver sensations that are impossible to experience with any other material. These toys are made to last a lifetime and are ideal for people with allergies and very sensitive skin. They reduce the chance of experiencing irritation or discomfort that is commonly experienced with other materials. 
  • Silicone dildos: would you consider getting papier-mâché breast implants? Yes, we thought so! Durable, safe, hygienic, soft, flexible and great value for money — silicone will always be a safe bet. There are reasons why certain things are such big sellers — and not other dildos sell as well as silicone ones. At EroticFeel, we've created a catalogue of the very best silicone dildos. We only have the most sought-after and highest-rated dildos available. Because we have a motto: if you're going to do something, then do it well.