Welcome to one of our favourite sections! As you know, we love diversity, and you're going to find a huge choice of vibrators here. We want you to find your ideal vibrator. Or at least, the ideal vibrator for each occasion. In our vibrators section, you’ll be able to buy any kind of vibrator online. At Erotic Feel, we have the vibrator or sexual stimulator that best adapts to your needs. Realistic, discreet, rotating, sucking, vaginal, remote control...there's just so much choice! So, explore, select, and enjoy!

Vibrators are undoubtedly the most popular products in the world of sex toys, . Indeed that's why this is one of our favourite sections (but don't forget to check out all the other fantastic products we have in our online sex shop!).

Our aim at the online sex shop  EroticFeel is for you to find the perfect vibrator. That’s why we’ve taken great care to bring together a huge selection of the best types of vibrators on the market. We’re certain that you’ll find the one that best adapts to you and your tastes!

Types of vibrators

Are you an expert when it comes to vibrators? Or are you a beginner in the world of vibrators and sex toys in general? We have a vibrator to suit everyone at the online adult store EroticFeel. Whether it’s the first you buy or not. It doesn’t matter if you like one size or another, or if you prefer vaginal or clitoral stimulation. Why is that? Because we have all kinds of vibrators in our extensive catalogue.

  • Clitoral vibrators: do you like to feel vibration on the outside? Is foreplay really important to you? Then, clitoral vibrators are going to become your new best friends. They're external vibrators and will help you enjoy yourself like never before!
  • Classic vibrators: now, heading in a more traditional direction... Introducing the classic vibrators — these types of vibrators have been around a while but they're still as effective as ever! Our selection have a modern touch but their principal function remains — to make you enjoy and float away with pleasure.
  • G-Spot vibrators: do you want to make sure that your G-spot really exists? We have various kinds of vibrators that have a slight forward curve for that purpose. This curve is principally designed to stimulate the front wall of your vagina and find that magical spot!
  • Remote control vibrators: who doesn’t like playing with a remote control? You, your partner, different speeds and intensities, any location and only one rule—to have a real good time. Are you in?!
  • Discreet vibrators: You never know when and where you may need your favourite toy.  All of our discreet vibrators provide everything a regular vibrator can give you, but in one cute little package . In the shape of a lipstick, a mini-ice cream or a drop of water — they'll go completely unnoticed and you can carry them around in your handbag anywhere you go. Don’t let  their small stature fool you– they'll take you to the greatest heights!
  • Rampant rabbit vibrators: yes, penetration and clitoral stimulation at the same time with the same toy is now possible!  These vibrators have two essential features. You insert one of the parts into your vagina, while the other with the cute bunny rabbit ears, is there to make friends with your clitoris.
  • Vibrating panties: having dinner with friends, going for a stroll along the street, doing a bit of shopping in the supermarket — virtually anything will be so much more exciting!  Vibrating panties will make you shake with pleasure both inside and outside the house. Play with your partner, give up control (quite literally), and let the pleasure take hold. We can't really say which one of you will enjoy yourselves more. Is there anything more exciting than thinking about your partner having an orgasm in the middle of a crowded street?
  • Bullet vibrators: these are powerful little vibrators that you can use wherever and whenever you desire. 
  • Vibrators for Couples: if you want to add an extra bit of spice to sex with your partner, these are the vibrators for you. They ensure a tight sensation for him and extra stimulation for her.

Which vibrator is the best?

If we recommended a particular type of vibrator and  told you it was the very best vibrator you could buy online — we'd  be fibbing! Every woman is unique and each has her own tastes and very different needs. As we’ve already mentioned, every woman can find her own perfect vibrator among the many different types that are available.

Besides, to be able to answer this question, one must keep in mind that the best vibrator for a woman who has plenty of sex toy experience is not going to be the same as for a girl who's just beginning her journey. For all these reasons, we offer a wide selection of many different kinds of vibrators at EroticFeel online sex shop. So have a look around our online adult store, compare and choose the right one or ones for you.. If you have any questions, just get in touch!

What’s the difference between a vibrator and a dildo?

Have you always thought that vibrators and dildos were the same thing? Are you a little confused about the differences?  If  so, let us clear it up for you. 

A dildo is not the same as a vibrator. A dildo is nearly always cyclinder-shaped and designed to be inserted into the vagina or anus. There are thousands of colours and shapes, but there's something that they all have in common — you can't switch them on and off! So, they don’t have any vibration!. Therefore, after you choose your dildo from our online store, you'll have to make a little more effort to get your pleasure rewards than with a vibrator (but it'll be well worth it!).

In contrast, a vibrator (as its name suggests) vibrates!. It's usually cylinder-shaped but may also include an extra little bit like in the case of the rampant rabbit. It might also be curved to reach certain areas like the G-sport or A-spot more easily. The vibration not only makes it suitable for anal or vaginal penetration, but it can also be used to stimulate other parts of the body. Now all you have left to do is explore, choose and feel the pleasure! 

Are you interested in a vibrator from our online sex shop? Don't be left wanting and get it! We assure you that you won't regret your online purchase. This will be the first of many, but be warned  — after your first purchase, you're going to want to try out all of them!