Satisfyer Pro 3 + Clitoral Sucker

Satisfyer Pro 3 + Clitoral Sucker

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The Satisfyer Pro 3 + is one of the latest products from the popular German brand. By now, you'll know that Satisfyer has made quite a name for itself in the market. This is due to the revolutionary way they understand masturbation — in particular, stimulation of the clitoris by means of suction.. Well, now add vibration to this revolutionary suction. That's to say: Thanks to the Satisfyer Pro 3 +, you can enjoy suction and vibration at the same time.

So, how does Satisfyer Pro 3 + differ from other vibrating clitoral suction devices?

We'd like to list all the improvements made to this product below:

  • It features a more elegant, discreet and comfortable design. Black, with an exquisite satin finish and metallic details — it has a very sophisticated look. What's more, it boasts an elegant exterior resembling that of a computer game joystick. This design, which allows for a firm and comfortable grip was highly demanded by Satisfyer's regular customers.
  • It's also covered in its entirety by the highest quality silicone — making it really soft to the touch. Other models only feature a silicone head, but the Satisfyer Pro 3 + is smoother and delivers much more pleasant sensations when held against the skin.
  • It provides a wide range of suction options. The first mode is perfect for those women just starting out in the fabulous world of clit-suckers or those who who have a very sensitive clitoris. The highest level delivers incredibly intense suction. And if you want add another dimension of stimulation, you can make use of the vibration device thanks to its second motor.
  • The head of Satisfyer Pro 3 + is softer, larger and wider. This makes it much more manageable, user-friendly, and is better suited to the clitoris.
  • It's 90% more silent.

Remember that it provides non-contact stimulation by means of pressure waves. This allows you to have faster and more powerful orgasms — and even enjoy multiple ones.

How do you use the suction mode and vibration mode in your Satisfyer Pro 3?

This powerful clit-sucker features three buttons and the one in the middle is the power-on button. Well, this button activates the suction mode (and turns it off as well). Once turned on, click the same button to increase the intensity of the suction. If you wish to decrease intensity, simply click the button located below.

We said that the Satisfyer Pro 3 + has three buttons. So, what's the third one for? You'll notice a button that features a small wave icon. Press it to activate vibration mode. Use the same button to switch through the various vibration programs.

And the best thing of all? The motors can be controlled individually. So, it effectively provides 3 products in 1: you can use it in suction mode, vibration mode or a combination of them both at the same time. Remember that the Satisfyer Pro 3 + has 11 suction intensities and 10 vibration modes. Plus, the two motors that take perform these two functions are incredbly quiet.

The Satisfyer Pro 3 + includes a magnetic USB charging USB cable and is 100% waterproof What's more, for extra stimulation, you can use a water-based lubricant — and why not? Why not try a stimulating gel?

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Not recommended


A must have!


Amazing. Since I tried Satisfyer Pro 2 I was very happy but Pro 3 Vibration it's another level.



A must have!


I love this product. Quite simply - Orgasm on demand!


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The Satisfyer Pro 3+ is a clitoral sucker by Satisfyer which also has a vibration function. It has 11 suction modes, 10 vibration functions and 2 independently controllable motors. Joystick-shaped, silent, waterproof and explosive.

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