Satisfyer Plugs

Satisfyer butt plugs are perfect for gradually stretching your anus. When used with a good lube, they become your perfect pleasure companions. There are various different sets that you can select according to each occasion. Choose from a thrilling spiral design, a slim cone shape, or a classic ball structure. You can even choose plugs with powerful vibrations or with intense automatic rotation features.

Don't be afraid, Satisfyer doesn't overlook any of your erogenous zones, and here you can find and buy all the anal plugs designed by the fantastic German company. They're specialists in delivering pleasure, and they know well that the anus is one of the great forgotten areas in the world of sex. Forget about prejudice, taboos and fears — and pay attention. When it comes to men, the anus is the most sensitive part of the body with the most nerve endings. Satisfyer's butt plugs are the best choice for your anal play.

They're perfect for slowly stretching the anus, which unlike the vagina doesn't lubricate naturally. When used with a good lubricant, Satisfyer plugs are the ideal adventure buddy. There are two sets containing three different plug designs in each one. Choose from the exciting spiral design, the narrow cone structure or the gradually increasing ball structure. As you can see, there's a plug for every occasion. Move the chosen one in a gentle up-and-down motion to enjoy every millimetre. Available in stylish black or other attractive colours, they are safe, flexible, malleable and come equipped with a practical removal ring. These plugs from Satisfyer are perfect for getting started with anal play in the most enjoyable way.

Are you looking for something more powerful? How about a plug with powerful vibrations or with different rotation modes? Yes, you read that correctly! It'll give you the most amazing sensations! Discover a new world of possibilities — the pleasure will be mind-blowing!