How to use a masturbator egg if it’s the first time I buy a Tenga product?

How to use a masturbator egg if it’s the first time I buy a Tenga product?

You may have heard about the Tenga eggs, but you still don’t know how to use them. Or maybe you didn’t know this product existed. Even though you should. The Tenga eggs are masturbator eggs for the penis. They are revolutionizing the world of the male sex toys. And that’s no surprise. The sensation they provide is unique.

It’s possible you think you perfectly know how and where you need to touch yourself, that you are enough to reach the best climax. We are sorry to say you are wrong. Don’t settle for something you know, for what you have already tried. Why not give an opportunity to the Tenga eggs?

They can remind you of the chicken eggs. The brand itself plays with this concept, but we assure you they have nothing to do with those eggs. Besides, all models of the Tenga eggs have different internal textures. And no, there is no design that provides more pleasure than others. Each texture is designed to provoke an specific stimulation, perfect for different likings and moments. Passionate, wild or adventurous pleasure. You choose the adjective. We are sure you’ll find the Tenga egg with the texture that suits best your needs.

How to use a Tenga masturbator egg?

You have finally chosen your Tenga egg between the 14 existent models. And now, what? Open the eggshell. You’ll find the masturbator and a sachet of lube. Open the sachet and empty its content into the hollow. Tip! Add a bit more of lube on the outer edge. You’ll obtain an immediate pleasure and you’ll enjoy the best sensation from the moment you introduce your penis in the Tenga egg. Now, the speed and intensity is up to you.

The Tenga eggs can adapt to any size because they can stretch out up to 30 cm. They are masturbators for a single use and thanks to their small size you can carry it everywhere. You’ll never know when the perfect moment will be to use it.


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