The energy that fuels the Spanish brand Coupletition combines a bundle of fantastic ideas with a generous serving of chutzpah. And what do they propose? A sexual treasure hunt — a competition with and against your partner. Put down your mobile phone and crack open a bottle of wine. Not everyone gets to lose themselves in the moment — you have to make it happen. Do you dare...?

A sexual treasure hunt — a competition with and against your partner. What inspired it? An unquestionable truth. Routine leads us into our comfort zone — to habits that make us feel secure and make us dependent on each other. The negative part comes when sex becomes monotonous, boring — adjectives that don't fit well with the frenzy, the excitement, the passion that by definition we should feel when presented with any sexual encounter. It happens to all of us. At the beginning of a relationship, everything is new and exciting. You don’t need to follow the Kamasutra or spend money on sexy lingerie to turn each other on. The underwear you bought at the supermarket and the missionary position are more than enough — your endorphins are running wild. You can't stop touching each other, you never get through a whole movie, inviting each other round for dinner is nothing but a euphemism, and the outside world seems far, far away. Enjoy it. This stage doesn't last forever. Now you know every single part of each other — your curves, your moles, your imperfections. You've explored each other so many times that you know your partner's body better than yours. Has the adventure finished forever? No way! You’ve still got to meet the parents — that’ll be the first true test of your relationship! If you’ve managed to pass this first test, please accept our sincerest congratulations!

It was March 2018 when Victor Pérez came up with the idea. The Industrial Design and Product Development Engineer had just left his job in Barcelona and embarked upon a backpacking trip around Asia and Australia. During his travels, he designed a game for all kinds of couples that, as he explains, “everyone that dares to try, falls in love with”. The initial reviews were very encouraging; however, he struggled to find a way to make the project economically viable. Did he give up? Absolutely not. After a 3 month hiatus, he returned to Barcelona and took up the idea again. After much trialling, redesigning, testing and October 2019, he launched a campaign at the crowdfunding platform Verkami. After securing enough funding in a record time, the dream of Coupleitition became a reality — and now you you can get your hands on it at EroticFeel.

What is the Coupletition Sex Game?

It's a card game that unleashes the desire, sets free the passion and helps to build mutual trust in a relationship. And the best thing? Unlike other erotic games that are almost exclusively designed for heterosexuals, Coupletition Sex Game is perfect for all kinds of couples. The creator explained his thinking behind the game in a statement, "the mistake we often make is that we fall into a routine instead of trying to find things that excite us. It's much more effective to anticipate and prevent these situations. Our relationships will be stronger if we make an effort each day to keep up the excitement”. This means don't wait! Any moment is a good moment to have fun, isn't it?

36 cards, 15 levels and 2 colours. A sexual adventure that’ll last for as long you both desire. Fifteen challenges including a whole host of different activities (sexting, bondage, sex videos, roleplays, massages...), each with an approximate duration of 30 minutes. Agree on a prize and compete to win it!

A sexual treasure hunt — a competition with and against your partner. Put down your mobile phone, crack open a bottle of wine and pay each other a little attention Fun and exciting times are just on the horizon. Remember — not everyone gets to lose themselves in the moment, you have to make it happen. Do you dare...?


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