Arcwave Micro-USB Charging Cable

Arcwave Micro-USB Charging Cable

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You've lost your Micro-USB cable for the charging base of your Ion Arcwave; you've gone on holiday and left it on the bed; your dog has got hold of it and broken it in half. A thousand things can happen, but they all lead to the same destination — you've run out of orgasms. But don't worry, at EroticFeel we have the solution to all your problems (well, as far as sex toys are concerned!) Unfortunately, we can't help you with your tax returns! Here's a replacement cable that will keep the Ion's storage dock connected and always ready to power up your favourite toy.

Buy the replacement Micro-USB cable for the Arcwave Ion charging base. We recommend that you always keep a spare — don't let a missing or broken cable cable ruin a great time!

You'll always be able to use your Ion as long as the charging station remains plugged in and available for charging.

Ref.: 1701525


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