Features of Anal Masturbators

All anal masturbators in our online erotic boutique come with a soft silicone inner tunnel filled with bumps and ridges. Designed to achieve incredibly realistic stimulation, their tubular shape makes them very easy to handle and grip, avoiding slips during use. They also have different adjustable vibration modes according to the user's preferences or the desire to experiment with the toy, as well as a powerful vacuum suction for a tight and snug sensation that increases pleasure during the session, transmitting it to all nerve endings of the penis.

What sets Anal Masturbators apart from other toys?

The main feature of anal masturbators is that they simulate anal sex, and currently, there are few products that satisfy this specific need. Their tubular shape and ease of grip are also noteworthy characteristics in this type of product.

How to use an Anal Masturbator?

To properly use an anal masturbator, simply insert the penis into the orifice, adjust the vibration patterns, and enjoy intense pleasure. It's very important not to forget to use lubricant, preferably water-based, to avoid damaging the material inside the toy. Remember that these masturbators are completely submersible; you can use them underwater without any inconvenience.


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