Shunga Oriental Crystals Ocean Breeze Bath Salts

Shunga Oriental Crystals Bath Salts

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Ocean Breeze

Shunga, the prestigious brand of intimate cosmetics, wants to bring back the eroticism and unrestrained sexuality of ancient Japan. The erotic prints and engravings, from which Shunga takes its name, were a true ode to carnal enjoyment as a fundamental part of life. And so, as sex and eroticism are an integral part of a happy life, the Canadian brand recommends enjoying every moment and each of your senses. What better way to do this than with a warm, aromatic bath? With bath salts from the Dead Sea, Shunga Oriental Crystals will make your bath a real oasis of fantasy and relaxation.

Relax, either alone or in company, while the bubbles and foam caress and nourish your skin — leaving it soft, nourished and perfumed. With beneficial properties and ideal for relieving certain skin conditions, these salts are available in two different sensual fragrances and colours. Boost your desire with its aphrodisiac power and enjoy a sensual and very pleasurable experience. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Main characteristics of Shunga Oriental Crystals bath salts:

  • Bath salts entirely derived from the Dead Sea.
  • Scented and available in two sensual fragrances — Aphrodisia and Ocean Breeze.
  • Includes a dosing shell and a decorative floating candle.
  • It has healing properties for skin conditions.
  • For relaxing and sensual baths.
  • Aphrodisiac additive to boost sexual desire.
  • Size: 600 g. 

We recommend that you set the mood, the temperature and play some soothing music to make the experience truly unforgettable.

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