LELO Ora 2 Midnight Blue Clitoral Stimulator

LELO Ora 2 Clitoral Stimulator

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Do you think it's impossible to enjoy oral sex alone? Here's the Ora 2 clitoral stimulator to dispel that myth. LELO have developed a device that consists of a rotating head covered by a soft layer of medical silicone. This head rotates and vibrates around your clitoris (or any area you feel like stimulating), simulating the movement of a tongue. It also has an ergonomic design, which makes it incredibly comfortable to handle..

Break into a universe of pleasure like the kind you feel during the best oral sex. It's very simple and at EroticFeel, we explain how:

  • Press and hold the "+" button to switch on your LELO Ora 2.
  • If you wish to increase the strength of the vibrations, press "+" again. If you wish to increase the strength of the vibrations, press "+" again.
  • You may not be completely satisfied by stimulation mode 1. But don't worry, because this fantastic oral sex simulator has up to 10 different modes which you can experiment with until you reach ecstasy. To sample all these options, simply press the "( )" button.
  • When you've finished, turn it off by pressing and holding the "-" button..
  • To prevent it from turning on accidentally, block it by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. To unlock it, follow the same procedure.

The LELO Ora 2 also holds a very special secret — and we at EroticFeel are going to reveal it to you. The Swedish company has equipped this clitoral stimulator with SenseTouch technology.. To find out (or rather feel) exactly what this technology is capable of, once your LELO Ora 2 is switched on, press and hold the "( )" button for 5 seconds and move it towards your body. You'll notice how the vibrations are activated and intensified on contact with your skin. You’ll be amazed!

You'll also be glad to know that the LELO Ora 2 is completely waterproof — so you can use it while having a lovely, relaxing bath. But that also gives it another advantage. It’s really easy to clean — just use neutral soap and warm water.

Deep blue, black or deep pink. Which colour would you like the LELO Ora 2 to seduce you with?

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