Shunga Carnal Pleasures Set

Shunga Carnal Pleasures Set

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Kiss, truth or dare? With Shunga's Carnal Pleasures set, the answer is clear. Do you dare to experience pleasure at its most intense? This is about taking a chance; taking a chance to experiment; taking a chance to turn an ordinary night into an unforgettable one. Take a chance and you'll realise — everything you've experienced so far falls short. If you don't have the courage or if you prefer comfortable, caresses and the reassurance of the familiar — this kit isn't for you. Just a few hours and this collection of Shunga products is all you need to achieve maximum pleasure. A luxury set with Shunga's finest products — a different way to experience pleasure. Seduce and be seduced, slowly but surely; there's no need to hurry. Roam, explore, get lost and devour. Is there anything more exciting?

What does the Carnal Pleasures set by Shunga contain?

  • Libido erotic massage oil (250 ml): boasts a mild aroma of exotic fruits and a seductive, slippery texture. It's made with the highest quality, natural and vegan-friendly premium ingredients. Use it on your partner and get closer than ever — intensifying your feelings of pleasure. Use it wherever and however your desire dictates.
  • Exotic Fruits massage cream (200 ml): edible and contains honey and Vitamin E — perfect for erotic massages on each and every body part.
  • Toko Aqua lubricant (165 ml): 100% vegan-friendly, paraben-free, gluten-free and sugar-free. It perfectly emulates natural lubrication, intensifies your pleasure at the moment of maximum arousal and facilitates penetration.
  • Crema Dragon Sensitive (60 ml): Dragon Sensitive Cream (60 ml): formulated with 100% natural extracts and plant-based ingredients and perfect for the most sensitive skins. This Shunga lotion provides incredible warming and cooling effects —increasing blood flow in your erogenous zones, boosting sensitivity in women and enhacing the male erection.
  • Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss (10 ml): this sparkling strawberry wine flavoured lip gloss is formulated with organic, gluten-free, sugar-free and 100% vegan ingredients. It provides a warming effect that will transform oral sex. The brand offer you a valuable Geisha tip: so that your lover can fully experience the effects of Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss, first apply a thin layer to your lips; then rub your lips over their intimate areas to spread the gloss before using your tongue.
  • White pearl necklace.

Now you know — to take sexual excitement to a whole, new level, all you need is Shunga's Carnal Pleasures set. Do you dare?

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