Shunga Garden of Edo Set

Shunga Garden of Edo Set

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If Adam and Eve had been in possession of this pack of Shunga organic products, they would never have tried the forbidden apple — what for? Who would want to satisfy their instincts with a piece fruit with these five products at hand? Let us tell you who — no one in their right mind! But, unfortunately for the couple, Shunga had not yet got started back then. Now you have the opportunity to explore paradise, walk its pathways and enjoy its fragrances. How about a romantic getaway in the middle of the countryside? You can do this without leaving your home. There's nothing better to invigorate your intimate moments than the new Shunga Garden of Edo. This set consists exclusively of organic and vegan-friendly products produced from certified organic ingredients.

Everything you need to awaken your senses and enhance the pleasure — and in perfect harmony with the environment. With essence of green tea, Dead Sea salts and Damiana — a plant native to the Amazon Rainforest known for its aphrodisiac and energizing properties; Shunga's organic Garden of Edo Pack will make every caress, every touch, every encounter feel like a walk through the clouds.

What does the Shunga Garden of Edo organic product pack include?

  • Exotic Green Tea organic massage oil (250 ml): with green tea aroma — for the most erotic caresses, massages and kisses.
  • Toko Organica personal lubricant (165 ml):made from pure vegetable glycerine and natural corn derivatives, it has an ultra-smooth texture with a long-lasting effect. It facilitates glide and penetration, enhances the pleasure and preserves the natural pH and flora in your intimate area.
  • Black Lotus Sensitizing gel for lovers (60 ml): Made from natural, certified organic ingredients and enriched with L-arginine, it provides the same powerful warming and cooling effects on the clitoris and the penis. We're talking about delighful tingles that will tease and drive you on the the very limits of pleasure.
  • Exotic green tea Organica massage oil (100 ml): made from pure vegetable glycerine and corn derivatives, it's 100% vegan-friendly, contains no sugar and has been dermatologically tested to ensure that it's gentle on your skin and your intimate areas.
  • Oriental Crystals Dead sea salt Lotus flower (400 g): scented and foamy salts from the Dead Sea for your most erotic and invigorating baths. Also includes a dosing shell.

To reach nirvana, all you need is this organic set by Shunga. We couldn't have made it easier for you.

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