Shunga Touch of Romance Set

Shunga Touch of Romance Set

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It's not the Paul Daniels Magic Set, but it contains the secrets of the world's greatest magicians. However, it's not the kind of magic that makes rabbits come out of hats — this is a different kind of magic. It's the kind that drives lovers crazy, leads to moans of pure pleasure and triggers incredible orgasms. Real magic — the kind that everyone likes. A set with the best and most stimulating aphrodisiac products from Shunga. An oil, an edible powder, a candle, a bath gel, a massage cream — get ready for the most erotic caresses and the most exciting games. Do you dare to cast a spell?

What does the Touch of Romance set by Shunga contain?

  • Libido erotic massage oil (125 ml): made from premium quality, natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, it intensifies the feelings of pleasure for both partners. Its exotic fruit aroma invites you to touch, smell, kiss, lick, caress and gently spread the oil over your lover's body — lose yourself in the moment.
  • Exotic Fruits massage candle (200 g): made with 100% natural oils, it's the perfect way to ignite the passion on a cold winter's night. Light the candle and wait between 10 and 20 minutes for the wax to turn into oil. Drizzle it over your lover's skin (we promise it doesn't burn) and spread it over their body with a stimulating massage.
  • Sweet Snow Body Powder Raspberry Feeling (180 g): use the feather to spread the edible honey powder over your partner's body, stop at their most sensitive spots and devour.
  • Massage cream (228 g): cherry-scented, made from natural oils, sugar-free, paraben-free, gluten-free and completely vegan-friendly, this cream will leave your skin soft, silky-smooth and moisturised. And it's edible!
  • Frosted Cherry bath gel (250 ml): is perhaps Shunga's most striking product — a completely edible shower gel. Enriched with Vitamin E and made from essential oils, it has a relaxing, aphrodisiac effect that will arouse your desire.

Sex and magic go hand in hand thanks to Shunga.

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