Erotic Jewellery

At EroticFeel, we believe in the seductive power of jewellery. We’re well aware of its ability to make us feel more attractive, more desirable; of its potential to excite both the wearer and the observer. It's always there for whenever you wish to add a touch of glamour to the occasion. Browse and find yours among the selection of erotic jewellery that we've brought together for you. A genuine treasure chest — open it.

We don't know if she shouted 'whore yes, traitor never!' before the firing squad or if that line forms part of the myth.However, what's undeniable is that the great Mata Hari and her body — specially adorned for her erotic dances — is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about intimate jewellery. If life imitates art and art has always been inspired by sex, it's pure logic that a jewellery maker would create pieces to awaken the senses by unleashing the desire. At EroticFeel, we believe in the seductive power of jewellery — in its ability to make us feel more attractive, more appetizing, in its potential to excite the wearer and the beholder. We're always available for your most lavish desires. Browse and find yours among the selection of erotic jewellery we've prepared for you. A real treasure chest — open it.

What is erotic jewellery?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, eroticism is ​"the fact of expressing or describing sexual feelings and desire, especially in art, literature, etc." The definition itself is not very exciting. Nevertheless, academics are not known for their grace and have the tremendous ability to make even the Marquis de Sade seem dull. But let's go with a much more appropriate sentence, “coquetry, it's a triumph of the spirit over the senses”, said Coco Chanel. If a jewel serves to conquer the senses in public, why should it be any different in private? Now, ask yourself this: how much does the art of seduction depends on the visual? Because intimate jewellery has been created precisely for that — to seduce, to highlight a specific part of the body and make it shine.

Inspired by bondage, perfect for everyday wear, subtle, suggestive, provocative — there's erotic jewellery for every person and every occasion. Body chains, nipple covers, necklaces, handcuffs — a wide range of accessories that will awaken your imagination and act like magnets of desire.

Why wear women's erotic jewelry?

For the same reason you dress for a date, you do your hair a special way or swap those comfortable, well-worn panties for a nice lace set. First of all, to feel simply irresistible (and more so, if possible). You're perfect in pyjamas, bed hair and with sleep in your eyes — but sometimes you like to look and feel special. You hold the tools of seduction within you — but certain accessories do help. To break the routine, to surprise, to drive someone crazy with desire — the reasons are many. You just have to find yoursand rephrase the question: why shouldn't you wear women's erotic jewelry? Unless you have a 40 degree fever and just want to be tucked up in bed — we can't think of any reason not to.

Erotic jewelry: luxury and pleasure at your fingertips

Power and beauty — that's what jewels mean for many people. You don't have to wear the pearl and diamond tiara worn by actress Audrey Hepburn in 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', the ruby necklace Richard Gere gave Julia Roberts in 'Pretty Woman', or the blue diamond DiCaprio painted Kate Winslet with in 'Titanic' We're going let you in on a secret — luxury is not out of your reach because it has nothing to do with price. Everyone can show off however they want — but we want you to exude sensuality, beauty, sophistication and pleasure. There is a magnetism that emanates from someone who is sure of their attraction.

Without diamonds, but designed with the utmost delicacy — luxury erotic jewellery is now within your reach. Who wants pearls when they'll just end up scattered all over the floor in a steamy burst of passion?


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