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Pjur Woman Aloe Lubricant

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Care for your body and get more enjoyment out of your sex life with Pjur's latest products. The brand, which has become a reference in the lubricant sector thanks to 20 years of dedication, has launched an exciting range of lubricants for women. Pjur Woman Aloe combines the perfection of Pjur's signature formulas with pure aloe vera extract. A major investment in women's sexual wellbeing. Aloe vera nourishes, moisturises and increases the skin's elasticity. So, Pjur Woman Aloe lubricant protects your skin, moisturises and lubricates it — leaving it soft and supple.

Adapted to your body's natural pH, it's free from preservatives, parabens and paraffins. Pjur Woman Aloe combats vaginal dryness and is suitable for use with latex condoms and for everyday use. Say goodbye to discomfort and enjoy your body. You won't want to stop!

Specific characteristics of Pjur Woman Aloe lube:

  • High-quality water-based lube.
  • Contains hydrating aloe vera
  • Combats vaginal dryness.
  • Paraben and glycerin free.
  • Adapt to the body's natural pH.
  • Dermatologically tested for skin and mucous membrane tolerance.
  • Unscented and flavourless.
  • Nourishes and boosts your skin's elasticity.
  • It's 100% suitable to use with latex condoms and Kegel balls.
  • Ideal for daily use.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • It doesn't stain.
  • It's absorbed by the skin.
  • Available in 30 ml and 100 ml formats.

How do you use Pjur Woman Aloe?

Quick and easy (or as quick as you please). Apply a little lube to your intimate area and use your fingers to spread it around. The effect will be immediate. In case it is absorbed before you've finished, apply a little more and you're good to go. Use as much of this lube as often as you want. The feeling of pleasure will be incredible. That's a promise.

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